The Most Unique Anniversary Date Ideas for Couples

Planning for your anniversary is an opportunity for you and your significant other to reaffirm your love for each other.  Like with anything in a relationship, keeping an anniversary date fresh is what creates wonderful memories.

Flowers, chocolates, and dinner can work sometimes, but why not think outside the box for your anniversary this year?

If you’re struggling with creative anniversary date ideas, here’s a selection for your next big milestone.

First Anniversary Date Ideas

So it’s your first year of marital bliss, and you’re looking for something to celebrate. Here are some one-year anniversary date ideas to mark the occasion.

Revisit Your First Date Spot

One of the most romantic 1st-anniversary date ideas is to revisit your first date spot. It could be the place you met, where you had dinner or even the location where you had your first kiss.

Get a Cake in the Flavor of Your Wedding Cake

Another seriously romantic anniversary date option is to revisit the cake shop where your wedding cake was made. Get another cake in the same flavor. There’s nothing like tasting the same flavor as that big day from one year before.

Have an Anniversary Photoshoot

Hire a great photographer and find your favorite romantic spot. These 1-year anniversary date ideas are perfect for unofficially reaffirming your vows and seeing how you’ve changed over one year of marriage.

If you have the budget, you can even return to the place where you had your wedding photoshoot.

Fun Anniversary Date Ideas

If you’re looking to have a great time on your anniversary, forget dinner. Here are some fun things to do for an anniversary date.

Go Salsa Dancing

Hot, romantic, and full of passion. Salsa dancing is not only fun but incredibly romantic. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to salsa dance; there are plenty of classes where you can have a great time on your anniversary.

Visit a Comedy Show

Nothing spells fun like listening to a professional funnyman on stage. Grab a couple of cocktails, then enjoy the comedy stylings of your favorite performer and laugh the evening away.

Camp Out in a Pick-Up

Spend the night under the stars with some beers, food, and each other. This is ideal if you are not the outdoorsy type and don’t like the idea of roughing it in a tent, even for a night. For those with bigger budgets, try glamping.

Unique Things to Do for an Anniversary

If you’re looking for some unique anniversary date ideas, it’s time to think outside the box. Try these cool ideas for an anniversary date.

Visit an Escape Room

Work together as you try to defeat an escape room in the fastest possible time. Paranoia Quest is renowned for providing customized escape room experiences, for example.

There’s an escape room for all tastes, so do something a little different for your anniversary date.

Go Skydiving

Couple’s skydiving is one of the ideas for anniversary dates that are catching on. Add a little adrenaline to your anniversary by jumping out of a plane together.

You can even try bungee jumping, skiing, or any other adventurous activity.

Cook Your Own Three-Course Meal

Everyone goes out to dinner, so why not try cooking something fancy at home? Working together to create something delicious is a memorable way to spend your anniversary. Plus, it’s ideal if celebrating on a budget.

Popular Anniversary Date Ideas

Sometimes the traditional celebrations are the best. If you want to opt for a more conventional anniversary, try out these popular ideas for an anniversary date.

Splurge on a Fancy Dinner

Find the best restaurant in town and dress up in your best outfits. Whether it’s a Michelin star restaurant with a nine-course dinner or something more affordable, be fine-dining experts for one night only.

Spend a Weekend Away

Book a hotel and enjoy a romantic weekend at the beach, in the mountains, or even in a whole other country. To really spice things up, make it a surprise and whisk your significant other away directly from work.

Renew Your Wedding Vows

Some couples that have been married a long time choose to renew their wedding vows. Organize the ceremony and strengthen those bonds of love. It’s even more memorable if you can get as many friends and family as you can to reunite and attend the ceremony.

Unlike your wedding, renewing your wedding vows isn’t an anniversary experience that will break the bank.


These anniversary date ideas offer something for everyone. You can even get creative and combine different experiences for a tailored anniversary weekend.

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