Time’s Ticking



You are a part of the US inteligence team that spotted bomb being planted on Australian soil. A bomb is about to go off. Australian authorities is ready to deploy special operations unit to deactivate it but they need to find it’s location first. You and your friends are the only ones who can help. Hack the terrorist’s website, navigate with Google Maps, use audio/video, and more. Work on this case from the comfort of your home together with your friends/family and communicate with real “detective in Australia” to solve the case.playing-online-escape-room

What’s required in order to escape our online hosted game? Time’s Ticking.

To play our online hosted games, you’ll need the following:

  1. While you can play it entirely on your phone, for best results we suggest you use a desktop or laptop
  2. Download WhatsApp for desktop open in browser Whatsapp desktop version (free)

    The Paranoia Quest team will create an invite link and send it to your email a few hours before your game starts.

  3. Download a video conferencing app such as Zoom (free) or PubHub (free)

    This way you can communicate between your group members during the game.For best results, we suggest to play the game using whatsapp on your laptop/desktop, while using video chat platform of your choice (e.g Zoom) on your phone.

HINT: You will need to use Google search during the game for clues. Time’s ticking.
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Times Ticking