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Obama Makes Another Successful Escape

The excitement has settled on the activities of this Presidential Inauguration. Washington staff, supporters and friends said their goodbyes to former President Barack Obama as made his escape from the critical duties as our United States 44th President to settle into a new life as a civilian.  

Bad Gift, Did You Handle Yours with Pizzazz?

Well Christmas is past, but the memory of a bad gift still lingers. Christmas morning and the family was gathered in heightened anticipation of the gifts about to be opened. Like Ralphie from A Christmas Story, you knew immediately that Aunt Martha’s gift was going to be a “pink bunny suit” or in your case, […]

TeamThink Can Mean Team Success

GroupThink a Term Not Used in Civilized Public GroupThink spelled disaster for many companies of the 1970s. A term coined to explain the thought process of many corporate boardrooms; GroupThink actually was better termed “manager bullying”. Faced with an idea proposed by the highest ranking executive at the conference table, a group mentality often took […]

Breaking the Ice on Team Building in Alpharetta

A new year, a new team. With 2017 now in full swing many companies in Alpharetta will be setting their sights on building new teams to take on a host of new projects. But with a new team often comes the task of breaking the ice to make your team comfortable and set loose the […]