Fun birthday party Duluth

Fun birthday party Duluth

Why an Escape Room is the Perfect
Birthday Party Idea for Kids and Adults


Are you looking for great ideas for a birthday party Duluth? Whether for a kids birthday or as a unique twist on old-fashioned birthday party ideas that go beyond the boring cake and ice cream or pizza party, We’re Paranoia Quest: Escape the Room, and our specialty is creating mind- blowingly fun and exciting escape rooms. We offer an escape room Duluth at the Mall of Georgia as well as an escape room in Atlanta, each with different themes, so you can have a fun birthday party that’s affordable and entertaining!

What Makes Our Escape Room Duluth Great?


At our escape room Duluth, we offer a number of exciting escape room birthday party ideas including fun ideas for a kids birthday that will keep them entertained, engaged and making memories they won’t soon forget! So what makes our affordable escape room games different
from the rest? Let’s take a look!


Two Locations: One Near You!


Paranoia Quest: Escape the Room has two convenient locations! one at the Mall of Georgia in Buford near Duluth, and another in Atlanta near Georgia State University. We’re easy to find which makes it a great location for birthday parties. Plus we offer something for nearly all ages! Here are a few of our favorite escape room birthday party ideas for kids and teens alike:


Escape Room for Kids


Teens who don’t mind being scared – Our Zombie Hour and Zombie Apocalypse rooms are perfect for teens and young adults who don’t mind a bit of terror in their escape rooms.


But don’t worry, we also have plenty of fun games for kids, too!


For younger attendees, the Escape Plan (like a jail-break) and The Dig (an archaeological adventure) are both fun ideas that will have them putting on their thinking caps as they work together to get out. Our most popular room, the Murder Mystery, has attendees turn into modern
day detectives to solve a mystery using futuristic technology that lets them see the last few moments of the deceased’s life.


Kids also enjoy our virtual reality escape room, Pocket Universe. It definitely has that cool factor that gets kids engaged and having a great time. A fun birthday party just doesn’t get any better than that, so if you’re looking to celebrate birthday near Duluth, we’ve got the adventure you’ve been looking for!

What’s an Escape Room Like?


In an escape room, you and your group are placed in a room with a specific theme, an introduction, and certain clues. You must work together to determine how to escape before your hour is over. Those that make it out before time runs out may even get their photo taken for our leaderboards. Will you and your group make it out in time, or will you become a zombie’s dinner?


In certain rooms, we also feature live actors to add to the terror and to keep you thinking on your feet. So why settle for another boring birthday with pizza and a movie, or the same boring games and huge crowds at the kids play places? With our convenient locations, it’s easy to have a birthday party that you and the birthday party or girl and their friends will love! Plus, with tons of great places to eat nearby, it’s easy to celebrate and enjoy making memories that will last a lifetime!


Many people who come to Paranoia Quest: Escape the Room tell us that whether they’ve done an escape room before or not, the experience they have at Paranoia Quest is truly unlike any other. If you’re looking for a unique way to celebrate birthday in Duluth and you’re tired of going to the same old places and doing the same old things, escape room games are an awesome alternative. Plus, you won’t need to brainstorm how to keep the kids occupied.


How Do I Reserve a Room for a Birthday Party Duluth?


Great news! We make it easy to reserve a room for your birthday party or your child’s birthday party. Simply click on the Book Your Room button, choose your location, choose the type of escape room you want and your date and payment details and we’ll handle the rest from there! Of course, if you have any questions, we’re here to help every step of the way, simply contact our professional escape room organizers and our team will take the time to answer any concerns you may have. We’ll also do our best to make it an experience that all ages will love!


Let our professional team supply the experience and you and your group relax and have the time of your lives! There’s no better option for birthday party Duluth for groups large and small. No matter what you’re celebrating, we’ll make it an event you won’t soon forget with themed ideas that have you put your heads together and forge friendships that you won’t soon forget. Contact us today to learn more or to reserve your escape room Duluth!