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Fun Things to Do in Buford With Your Teens

Teens are a group that is historically hard to please. Addicted to their phones and social media, their favorite response to any question is “meh.” The teenage crowd has mastered the balance of indifference with awkwardness, and getting them to do anything, let alone get excited about it, is like herding cats. So what do you do, stymied for ideas about fun things to do in Buford with your teens? Paranoia Quest may have your answer.

Tips for fun things to do in Buford with your teens

Booking an escape room at Paranoia Quest is just the beginning for your fun things to do in Buford. Teens, and people of all ages, love our escape room games, but there are so many more fun things to do in Buford and the surrounding areas. The Buford Paranoia Quest is located right next to The Cheesecake Factory, the restaurant and bar with the famously huge menu. There is also perennial favorite Marlow’s Tavern, along with Smokey Bones Bar and Grill, P.F. Chang’s, and Ted’s Montana Grill, all of which could be great dining and hangout options for before or after your escape room adventure.

If there is one place you associate with teenagers, it’s the mall. And there is no bigger mall in Georgia than – duh – the Mall of Georgia. This monolith to consumer culture is the perfect entertainment for teens, giving them a place to hang out, shop and socializefun things to do in Buford. It’s a perfect destination either before or after your escape room adventure. For fun things to do in Buford, Paranoia Quest and the Mall of Georgia can’t be beat. An oasis off I-85, the Mall of Georgia and Paranoia Quest should be destination one to keep teenagers entertained.

Call Paranoia Quest today

By choosing one of our four escape room in Buford games – Jailbreak, The Dig, the all-new Witch Hunter or the virtual reality-based Pocket Universe – you are guaranteed to get that phone zombie of a teenager active, happy and engaged. Call Paranoia Quest’s Buford location at 678-288-6555 or book a room online to secure your spot today.