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Hosting a December Birthday Party Everyone Will Want To Attend

Having a December birthday can be the pits. With all the holiday parties, end of year celebrations and three of the biggest holidays of the year – Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year’s Eve – getting people to celebrate your birthday separately can be a real struggle. And only those born in December know the horrors of receiving presents that count as both holiday and birthday presents, while the rest of us have two yearly spins of gift-getting goodness. So if you want to make your December birthday stand out from the rest of the holiday hubbub, a birthday party at Paranoia Quest is the perfect way to set yourself apart.

Make your December birthday party stand out

Think about all the events you are planning to (or are obligated to) attend this December. You’ve got all kinds of holiday parties birthday partywith friends, at the office and maybe even with organizations you belong to. You’ve got New Year’s Eve, which nearly always demands a night out and on top of all that, you’ve got the holidays themselves. That’s a lot to work into a schedule, and it doesn’t even account for time shopping, decorating and planning. So yet another event, a December birthday party, can be easy to brush off or simply get lost in the mix. But if your birthday and birthday party is in December, you deserve the same attention everyone else gets at all the other times of year, right? Right. But another lame party in your living room with a cake and candles isn’t going to cut it during this busiest of months, so choosing an escape room for your friends and family to challenge is the best way not only to bring attention to your party, but also give people a break from the usual holiday fare.

birthday partyChoosing the Paranoia Quest location could be another boon in attracting people to your birthday party. The Atlanta location has plenty to do and see right around the corner, but with the busy shopping season, the Buford location might be just what Santa ordered. The Buford location sits right near the Mall of Georgia, so those trying to squeeze in some last-minute shopping could do so right before or after your December birthday party. In a month so packed, this convenience might just be attractive to those who might otherwise skip your event. Paranoia Quest’s escape rooms are the perfect choice for a birthday party at any time of the year, but during December, they are just the kind of fun, alternative activity that many will be searching for.

Book your spot today!

At Paranoia Quest, we offer the very best – and most exciting – in escape room games. At both our Atlanta and Buford locations, we have a number of different experiences to choose from, truly something for every taste. You can reach our Atlanta location at 678-828-4410 and our Buford location at 678-288-6555, or you can visit our website and book a room and a time online. Don’t let your December birthday party fade into the background; book at spot at Paranoia Quest and make your birthday party one that stands out this season!