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Planning Your 2018 Fun Corporate Event In Gainesville

With 2017 in our rearview mirror and 2018 just coming into view, it’s time to start thinking about a fun corporate in Gainesville. Your holiday parties were a big success and everyone enjoyed what time they had off, but it is time to start planning the next big thing. The days in January and February can seem to stretch on forever, with no real holidays besides Valentine’s Day to break up the grind. By mid-January, it will be time to shake the dust off your employees, and a fun corporate event in Gainesville at Paranoia Quest will be just the thing to do it!

Paranoia Quest: The Perfect Fun Corporate Event In Gainesville

fun corporate event in GainesvilleA fun corporate event in Gainesville and some constructive team-building could never be a bad thing for any team, and the January/February doldrums are the perfect time to schedule it. The last thing anyone wants, though, is another lame, in-office activity or night at a local bar. Instead, a trip to Paranoia Quest is a much more fun and innovative way to keep your employees motivated and working as a team. Our escape rooms demand thoughtfulness and teamwork to succeed, and even the most splintered of co-workers easily fall into various roles, all working toward the same goal. If you’ve never considered Paranoia Quest for a fun corporate event in Gainesville, perhaps it’s about time you do.

Our Buford location, closest to Gainesville, features a number of different escape games for any team’s taste. Escape Plan offers the thrills of escaping from wrongful imprisonment, The Dig takes you on a spelunking adventure deep below the surface of the planet and Zombie Hour has you racing the clock to prevent the end of the world. There is even a virtual reality escape game – Pocket Universe – for those brave enough to test out this fun new technology.

fun corporate event in GainesvilleEven though Paranoia Quest’s escape games offer 60 minutes of fun team-building, but that can’t realistically be enough to make one of your corporate events the stuff of legend. The Buford Paranoia Quest location offers plenty in the surrounding area for food and drinks to top off the night. Any nearby restaurant would be more than happy to book a room for a private party, so planning your fun corporate event in Gainesville first and your eating and drinking for right after will provide a night your employees  won’t soon forget.

Book a Room Today!

For a fun corporate event in Gainesville, you just can’t beat one of Paranoia Quest’s escape room games. No matter which one you choose, your team will not just emerge a stronger unit, they will have a blast while working toward a common goal. Call Paranoia Quest’s Buford location at 678-288-6555 or book a room online to secure your spot today.