team building in Lawrenceville

Team building in Lawrenceville offers great company results

The success of your business lives and dies on how well your team of employees works together as a unit. A fragmented, argumentative team is a major stumbling block when it comes to productivity, and countless businesses have failed simply because the team members didn’t work well together. Here’s the thing: it’s easy to spot employees that don’t work well together and to take the steps to fix it, but it can be harder to spot a team teetering on the edge, with things going well now but headed in the wrong direction. So what do you do? Paranoia Quest’s escape room games provide just the type of team building in Lawrenceville you are looking for, and could be the key to your business’ success.

Why team building in Lawrenceville can help

At Paranoia Quest, our escape room games can be deceiving. On the surface, these games might seem like a fun adventure for a birthday party or night out, kind of like Q-Zar Laser Tag used to be in the late 1990’s. While it is an outing definitely suited to that type of thing, our escape room games can serve a deeper purpose – bringing teams closer through team building in Lawrenceville. In figuring out the puzzles in games like team building in LawrencevilleZombie Hour or Witch Hunter, your team will instantly be aware of each individual’s role in the equation. Some team members naturally fall into leadership roles, assigning tasks and delegating responsibilities. Others will do the grunt work, physically search for clues and manipulating objects, and still others will find themselves being the problems solvers, instantly coming up with solutions that no one else was able to pull out of thin air. And, because every group has one, there will be one or two who fade into the background, unsure of how to help or participate.

Our team building in Lawrenceville translates directly from the escape room back to the office. Roles that team members assumed organically during the game will carry back to the office setting, with the entire team building in Lawrencevillegroup instantly comfortable and familiar with their roles from the game moving back into the workplace. Leaders will become more effective, problem solvers more efficient and the stragglers cognizant of what they need to improve. For team building in Lawrenceville, Paranoia Quest’s escape rooms simply can’t be beat.

Book an adventure today!

If your team is in complete disarray or simply needs some tuning up, an escape room is the answer for team building in Lawrenceville. Paranoia Quest’s Buford location, located near the Mall of Georgia, offers five separate escape games, with something to suit every taste. Give us a call today at 678-288-6555 or book a room online and let’s get your team building in Lawrenceville adventure off the ground as soon as possible. Don’t let your team fall apart; book and escape room game at Paranoia Quest today!