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Escape games for team building in Lawrenceville

During the hottest days July and August have to offer, it’s easy for your employees and co-workers to get that mid-summer fatigue. Look around your office now if you’re at work, or tomorrow morning if you are reading this at home. See the droopy eyes, the defeated, exhausted facial expressions? Yeah, that’s the mid-summer fatigue. What can you do to combat this naturally occurring workplace phenomenon? A trip to one of Paranoia Quest’s two locations will provide just the kind of team building in Lawrenceville your office needs to swat back those summertime blues!

Why bother team building in Lawrenceville?

Aside from chasing away the summer blahs, team building in Lawrenceville has a number of benefits for both your team and each individual staff member. Team team building in Lawrencevillebuilding exercises, like those found at Paranoia Quest’s two locations, have been shown to encourage creativity, improve productivity, foster problem solving and increase motivation among teams. And these benefits don’t just pop up during the escape games; they translate seamlessly to the office environment. Our games naturally show and showcase each team member’s strengths, from leadership to problem-solving to something as simple as being the one to assign roles to others, each role has value and your team will benefit from seeing these roles filled in an exciting and fun atmosphere. No matter what your team’s bent may be – sci-fi, horror or even virtual reality, Paranoia Quest has an escape game that will be the perfect fit, curing the summer blues and helping with team building in Lawrenceville like you won’t believe.

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Any one of our exciting escape games is the perfect environment for team building Lawrenceville. Our all-new Witch Hunter game has plenty of thrills and chills, our virtual reality-based Pocket Universe has been scoring high marks with all its participants, and old favorites like The Dig or Jail Break have been keeping our guests coming back for years. If your office has the summer blues, or your team just needs that little reminder on how they are the best and need to work together like the best, one of Paranoia Quest’s escape games is the kind of corporate retreat you need. Give Paranoia Quest a call at 678-288-6555 or book your spot online today.