team building

Use team building to beat the summertime blues

The summer has officially begun and while the kids are off school and playing in the pool, you and your team are still reporting to the office every weekday. You’ve probably caught staff members staring longingly out the window, and you may have even been guilty of that yourself. So as the weather keeps getting nicer and everyone is wishing more and more they were outside instead of in front of a computer, you will need something to keep your team energized. Normal team building exercises are played out and lame, so what can you do to keep morale high while everyone only wants to be outside? The answer is easy: one of the escape games from Paranoia Quest is sure to re-energize your flagging team and give everyone a nice break from the mundane.

Team building the fun way

An escape game from Paranoia Quest can and should be the way to get your team back in fighting shape. Why? No other team building experience is team buildingas much fun, while also revealing the strengths and weakness of everyone involved. Don’t worry, though; there are never any hard feelings leaving a Paranoia Quest escape game. Everyone has a fantastic time and each and every time that leaves is a stronger, more focused unit than they were when they entered.

Choose a location and come on inteam building

Paranoia Quest has two locations, one in Atlanta and our new location in Buford, near the Mall of Georgia. Each location has a number of different escape games, including our new game Witch Hunter and the only virtual reality escape game in the state, Pocket Universe. No matter what game and location you choose, your team will get a much needed summertime break while also learning to work better as a cohesive unit. It’s a win-win! Give Paranoia Quest a call today at 678-828-4410 for our Atlanta location or 678-288-6555 for our Buford location. You can also book a session online at either location. Get your team out of the office and beat those summertime blahs with Paranoia Quest!