escape room in Atlanta

Using an escape room in Atlanta as a fundraising event

Fundraising is a tough business to be in. Asking people for money, no matter the cause, is never easy, and fundraising events can be extremely tough to get right. Everyone has been to a boring fundraising dinner or banquet, and while these are traditional, they aren’t the most exciting prospect for getting donors to turn over hard-earned cash. If you have a fundraising event coming up, why not think a little outside the box? An escape room in Atlanta at Paranoia Quest could be the perfect fit for your next big fundraising drive.

Fundraising at an escape room in Atlanta

Choosing Paranoia Quest for your next fundraiser is probably the best idea you’ll hear this week. Why? Because when it comes to escape room in Atlantafundraising, you need to offer people something in exchange for their generosity. What could be better than an hour of excitement they couldn’t get anywhere but an escape room in Atlanta? Any one of our escape room in Atlanta games could serve as an excellent icebreaker for asking for that all-important donation, and who doesn’t feel like donating after bonding with a group over something like a zombie infestation or a prison break? Our Atlanta location can handle large groups or small groups, so no matter the size of your constituency, we have an escape room in Atlanta that is right for your fundraiser. So what’s it going to be? Another expensive, stuffy black-tie event, dinner or banquet? Or an hour of pure fun and true bonding at an escape room in escape room in AtlantaAtlanta?

Call or book online your spot today

If your next fundraiser needs some spicing up, an escape room in Atlanta at Paranoia Quest could be the perfect solution. Our escape games can provide exactly the kind of fun missing from normal fundraising events, and the breath of fresh air could be more than enough to get donors to open their pocketbooks and give. Give our Atlanta location a call today at 678-828-4410 or visit our website to book a spot online today. No matter what you are attempting to raise fund for, an escape room in Atlanta at Paranoia Quest is a great choice.