Escape the Room Games are the Latest Trend

Imagine you are assigned with a task to solve the Mystery, and you only have 60 minutes to do it. The clues are in front of you, but you have to work them out and put them together. Time is ticking and your heart is beating. Your teammates are racking their brains to put the pieces together. Before you even realize it, you are down to 10 minutes remaining. Just then, it happens. The light bulb goes off and you solve the last clue. Phew! You’re free. Okay, you would’ve been able to leave the room anyway, but you get to leave it with a sense of accomplishment.

Besides work, most activities nowadays are mentally passive. We go and watch a concert, TV, videos or a movie, and receive information. There is something lost there as there is not much interaction. If you are looking for an activity that is new, exciting and requires your full attention and effort, Atlanta has just the thing! A new trend of Room Escape Atlanta locations are popping up, and people are loving them. This article will take a closer look at what they are and how they work.

Atlanta Escape Game

Escape the Room Games are the Latest Trend

Escape the room games have quickly caught on around the world. In the Atlanta area, you can already try out the game at Paranoia Quest, Break Out Atlanta, Urban Escape Games, Ultimate Escape Games Atlanta, Mission Escape Atlanta and Room Escape Adventures, just to name a few. You don’t have to look very far to find an escape room near you. These interactive, real-life “games” are a great way to bond with family, team build with coworkers… or just have fun. They challenge critical thinking and get the whole group involved in a collaborative effort.

What is Escape the Room?

Escape the room locations host live escape games which provide a chance to put yourself in situations where you have to problem-solve in order to “escape”. You go into a room with a group of other people and have to problem solve your way out. Problems may include hidden clues, puzzles, secret compartments or objects to manipulate. Often, the escape rooms have themes, offering a variety of rooms to escape from.

Where did Room Escape Adventures Come From?

Where did this idea of real life escape rooms come from? Escape the room is a concept that can be traced back to a book by John Wilson in 1988 titled “Behind Closed Doors.” Then came escape games in the video game world such as Noctropolis and MOTAS. These games are part of a sub-genre of games known as point-and-click adventures, where the games place the player in a locked virtual room in which they must interact with objects to get out. These games really caught on and became popular, resulting in the real life escape rooms being created.

The first real life escape room was created in 2006 in Silicon Valley by system programmers. Then, escape games continued to pop up in countries around the world including Singapore, Canada, the US and Europe. As of 2015, there are now 2,800 real world escape the room venues worldwide. Escape rooms are not something that is intended to frighten or freak anyone out. They are created to be a challenging and fun way to spend an hour. The goal is to push your critical thinking skills as the video games do, but in a truly interactive environment.



Trends toward this new type of “gaming” illustrate the human need for social interaction, and our enjoyment of it. Yes, Call of Duty on Xbox Live is great. But, take the headshot off and join a group of real people to solve a puzzle and you will soon realize that you have been missing out on spending time with real people. Humans have an innate desire to play games. It is a part of our make up as social creatures. That is why so many people love video games, professional sports, and other forms of competition that incorporate socialization. We want to be with one another and we want to compete and use our skills. That is what these games allow. As a matter of fact, they encourage and can build and strengthen relationships.

Even if you live in the big city and you see people all of the time, pass them on the street, sit next time at the diner – do you actually spend time interacting and engaging? Not likely. These urban escape games tap into that deep seated need for social engagement and also stimulate the brain, while giving you a sensation of suspense that might have formerly only been available in a movie or while playing “Call of Duty.” The time crunch is the part that really makes the game thrilling. One hour sounds like a lot, but it zips by while trying to problem solve and escape the room.

People are loving these games and they are popping up everywhere. All over the world, the reviews are overwhelmingly positive. The games are tough, however, and business owners say less than 20% actually solve the problem. That, it seems, might just be part of the fun. From business teams, to families, to tourists, everyone is giving this innovative new game a shot.

Rules of Play

Essentially, players have one hour to find a set of keys or another way out. The keys open the door to the room and you win! However, it is a lot harder than it sounds. It is all about critical thinking skills and paying attention to details. You certainly do not have to be a scholar or a professor to enjoy this game, however. It is not a test of your knowledge, but instead a test of your problem solving abilities. The best groups are between 2 and 10 people. If your group gets completely stumped by the clues and tools provided, the “game masters” who are watching from their “fortress” will assist so that you can move forward with the game.

mission escape atlanta


Here are some of the frequently asked questions about escape rooms.

1  Are you really locked in?

No. Not really. Should you need to leave, simply press the Exit button. Room escape adventures are meant to be just that. Adventures. However, if you need to get out then nobody will ever make that hard for you.

2  Do you have to work with people you don’t know?

No. You can arrange for a group of friends to do it with you. You will need to reserve the room – VIP event. Hurry to get your spot. As rooms fills up fast!

3  How long does a game last?

1 hour

4  Is it physically challenging?


5  What is the minimum age?

10 years old, but children under 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

6  How is the game played?

You and your team put your heads together to solve puzzles, decipher codes and use tools so that you can unlock the room.

7  Is there a refund policy?

There are typically no refunds as all sales are final. This is because venues have to plan ahead to book escape the room sessions. If you are not sure about date or time don’t book. Find out details for your group first and then book.

Occasions it’s Great for…


Friends will laugh, work together and bond as they crack the codes, solve the puzzles and use their critical thinking skills. You will feel closer to your friends after this experience and you will all learn more about each other. This provides a lot more interaction than say a movie. Learn how your friends think!

Company team building

Get your employees working together to solve problems. In addition, give them a chance to get to know one another and have some fun. There is nothing more important than a work team who can work together to problem solve, and it is the boss’s job to make that happen.


Families are spending less and less time together these days. This real-life hands-on experience is a great way to get the kids off of their smartphones and back into the “real world.” It is also a fantastic to get them engaged with you, their siblings, and even their extended family. You won’t even have to drag them to the car!

Date night

What a great way to spend an evening with a date! You will learn lots about each other and have a few laughs, for sure.


Have a birthday party or a holiday gathering at a game site and spend the special day working your brain and having a great time.


It’s like the ultimate, real life video game! What could be better than that? Have fun at a break out Atlanta location.

Escape the room Atlanta3

What Can I Expect at Paranoia Quest?

Paranoia Quest is a popular escape the room in Atlanta which is worth a visit. They have shared what you can expect when entering one of their rooms. While they have some scary themes offered, they insist the point is not to scare, but thrill and excite people. You will have tools, clues, puzzles and codes to use to break out of the room and win the game!

Paranoia Quest Themes

Zombie Apocalypse

In this scenario, step into a zombie apocalypse world. Zombies have taken over the Earth and it is your responsibility to save mankind from total destruction. You will be part of a special force team that has to get into a high security government research center and find the cure. This room is rated as having medium difficulty, is 60 minutes, and has a 37% success rate.

Inception – Murder Mystery

Inspired by the movie Inception, in this room you will have to enter into a dreamscape in order to solve a mystery. The mystery is the case of a man’s murder. If you don’t solve the crime, you may be stuck in limbo (pretend of course). This room is rated as hard, is 60 minutes and has a 28% success rate.


Coming this fall!

Different themes are exciting for players, as you can keep coming back again and again for more problem solving fun. Paranoia Quest has these 3 themes, and themes will vary at escape the room Atlanta locations.

Locked in

Escape room adventures are a great way to spend time with those that matter to you. Our world has become increasingly caught up in technology and the modern culture in America does not allow for as much time face-to-face as we need with one another. We have become isolated from one another and humans simply must find time to congregate, work together and spend time bonding with other people. These new kind of games allow for that real interaction, as well as a great mental workout. Besides, they are a total blast! Check out Room escape adventures around Atlanta, and Paranoia Quest for a real thrilling time the next time you are going out for entertainment.

Where to Go For Your Next Team Building Event

Why Team Building is Key to Success?

When you think of corporate team building exercises you may think of “trust falls”, rock walls or zip lines. Maybe you have done activities with slips of paper slid into hats for contests or book clubs where everyone shares what they are learning. All of that stuff is fine, but a bit played out. You may also find it a bit cheesy and forced.

If you feel that way, then the rest of your team probably does too. That’s why it is so important to find the best team building exercises… the ones that really ARE group building activities, and not just games.

Don’t believe it? The truth is that team building is the only sure way to develop a group of hard-working and close knit staff members. The trick is finding the games and activities that will excite and delight your group.

Why Team Building is Key to Success

So now that we have established that team building is important, let’s talk about why. What follows are just a few reasons why team building challenges are important in the workplace:

Get people talking.

It opens up the lines of communication when the activities and challenges create discussion among employees, and between employees and management. This will create more positive office relationships and better work will get done.

Get people moving.

Team building exercises motivate employees to take on new challenges and reach for leadership roles within the company. They will feel more comfortable sharing ideas and opinions and the office environment will be more productive. – Team leadership and team building go hand in hand. The more comfortable your employees are to express their ideas and opinions, the more confident they will become. Motivate them to take on new challenges.

Get people thinking.

Team building boosts creativity and creative thinking by taking your team out of their “comfort zone.”

Get people working.

Your employees will develop problem-solving skills. Teams that are able to come together when a problem arises and work together to solve it, will be some of the best employees and future managers that any business can ask for. So, what types of team building activities are authentically helpful?

Common Team Building Activities

There are lots of fun little games to play with your employees like….

  • Board games
  • Trivia
  • Community service
  • Races
  • Card games
  • Pictionary
  • Mural projects
  • Charity work
  • Vacations
  • Conferences
  • Etc.

However, they are kind of run-of-the-mill and most have seen them done before. If you have seen them done, so have your employees. They won’t be impressed and will become bored and disinterested with it… which is why… The newest craze in group team building in Atlanta is escape games.

Escape Games for Team Building

Escape games are fun and exciting. They take your employees out of their comfort zone and allow them to have fun and connect. It may not be possible for all of your employees to be best friends, and it may not even be appropriate, BUT working together for a common cause is what they are supposed to be doing every day. Encouraging colleagues to interact with one another, speak and express ideas in ways that they would not likely do in the office, helps to reach this goal. They will become bonded and get to know one another in a way that is essential to a healthy and happy working environment. Your team will leave feeling as though they have been through a true adventure together… and that they worked together to achieve the goal!

Connect young and senior workers

The whole team should function as ONE. There are sometimes divides amongst employees and colleagues. However, those barriers can and should be knocked down whenever possible. Of course, there is often a disconnect between senior staff and newer, younger hires. The older, often supervising, employees have been around the block a few times, enjoy their own circle and may not always have time for a lot of small talk. On the other side of the coin, younger employees may feel resentful of the guys in management or intimidated to even address them. However, these types of games force them into a small room together to work out a problem as a group and, with that, will come a lot of great discoveries about one another. Who knows what talent the senior staff will see in their younger colleagues? Or imagine how much a younger staffer can learn from an older employee willing to share what he or she knows.

Fun Team Building Exercise

Fun, fun, fun! It’s a lot of things, but probably more than anything, escape games are fun. They are a way to make problem-solving and skill building seem like playing pretend. All of us are kids at heart and, though we may not admit it, the thrill of playing a game like this is equally as exciting now as it was when we were little.

Team building challenge

“The zombies are coming!” If that won’t get people moving and working together, then what will, right? Within a certain time limit, your team will have to get out or will be faced with an undesirable fate. The scripts are written to be challenging, but highly possible to achieve success when all members of a team work together as a team and think on their toes.

Tips that will help teams escape

What must teams do to be successful? Here are a few tips:

Tip 1.


People who are shy, quiet or unsure in group settings will have to let their guards down to have success with their group. The game really forces communication and brings people’s guards down.

Tip 2.


Around 70% of shows of this game, nationwide, do not complete the challenge. The research has shown that those who do not win, often do not have enough leaders in their group. It is best to have a few strong leaders throwing out ideas and making suggestions.

Tip 3.


Too many cooks spoil the pot, so try your best to lead when you need to lead and follow when it makes sense to follow. Remember, it is a TEAM effort and not everyone can be captain.

Tip 4.


In order to achieve almost anything in life, you need to think outside of the box. Being forced to think in creative and innovative ways, will give employees the opportunity to problem solve, show off talents and gain confidence.

Tip 5.


Be smart enough to listen. It doesn’t matter if it’s the intern or the guy who got hired last week. They have something to offer, as well. Pay attention and have respect for what they have to say.

Choose different quests

The great thing is, after you have done one quest, there are others to choose from. Whether it’s a murderer, a hungry zombie or a deadly infection, there are plenty of fates to escape. Choose the one that you think will most excite your team. Got a lot of Walking Dead fans at the office…? Choose the Zombie Apocalypse quest. Your team love to read murder mysteries? Try out the Murder Mystery quest. Got a lot of Fan’s of unknown? Choose the Infection quest

Celebrate anniversary, new clients and other important events and let your team connect

Your team doesn’t have to have an excuse to connect, but there are certainly plenty of great reasons to share in an escape the room game with your employees. If you have a new client, have been in business for 20 years next month, or just completed a huge new project – this is an ideal way to celebrate with your coworkers. Or just have a blast!

Should you try to escape?

  • Well, that depends…
  • Do you like to have fun?
  • Do you enjoy challenging yourself mentally and socially?
  • Are you creative and smart?
  • Do you enjoy your coworkers and want to learn more about them?
  • Do you want to learn more about yourself and what you are capable of?
  • Do you want to maximize your team’s productivity?

If you answered, “Yes” to some (or most) of the above, then yes you should try escaping as soon as possible!

Create memories with your team that will last

You can celebrate just about anything with these types of team building activities, or you can simply have a great time and try something new. Even if you do not celebrate a specific event, you can still make it a festive and enjoyable activity. Most corporate groups set up lunch, dinner or drinks following their session where they can discuss the outcome of their adventure. There are many lessons to be learned and much to remember and carry with you through life.

Recommended Escape the room agency in Atlanta

There are some fabulous Escape the Room Team Building Activities in Atlanta. However, they are not all created equally. While some like Paranoia Quest are well-designed, thoughtfully created and full of opportunities for learning, some others are not nearly as challenging, interesting or fun. Paranoia Quest become well-known in Atlanta for having some unbelievable escapes and a great staff. We have 3 quests to choose from. If you are interested in giving this type of team building activity a try, then be sure to check out what we have to offer.

Group team building activities are essential for the success of any business. It is so vital that management recognize this and put on corporate events that include fun team building exercises which allow the employees to become a family. Of course, business is always most important but, studies have shown that you can’t run a great and successful business without an outstanding team. And, outstanding teams are built, not born.

You have to work together as a team to create a well-oiled machine that can take on the world, solve problems and do business in our fast-paced modern world. There is no way to magically make it happen. However, there are LOTS of fun ways, and work does not always have to be boring, dry or unexciting. That is why Escape the Room games are absolutely an awesome way to get your team out of the office so that they can think outside of the box!

To see our Special Team building pricing and details download our Corporate Team Building PowerPoint Presentation with special pricing and details below

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Escape Room Corporate Team Building

Imagine your team bursts out of rooms cheering, with hands in the air. At The Paranoia Quest Escape the room, it’s common for there’s a palpable air of excitement when teams escape before time runs out.

Getting employees out of their same old work environment, can help to strengthen relationships and improve teamwork skills.

Paranoia Quest offers a great opportunity to do just that. Through our games, your team will be put to the challenge to test their collective skills, develop a new level of respect for each other and overcome obstacles together.

Let’s look at why many team building events fail, and how Paranoia Quest takes an innovative approach that can really build up your team.

Challenges of Team Building Events

There are inherent challenges that your group may face when taking part in a team building event. The most prominent is disinterest. If the group is uninterested in the activity, it is not going to be successful. Unfortunately, team building has become a bit cliche due to corny corporate meetings and boring games. A key to success is attending an event that requires the full attention of all participants, and one that is fun. If participants are having fun and engaged, you can make some real progress. But, how do you achieve that?

Paranoia Quest Escape Rooms for Team Building

Escape games create a unique environment which requires the skills of every person in the room. Although it is a simulation, the game becomes serious when the team needs to reach a goal in a set amount of time. This creates a fun and cooperative atmosphere that pulls people in and results in team work. Let’s look at how Paranoia Quest escape rooms games helps with team building:

Facilitates Team Work.

The group becomes motivated about completing the mission in their Escape Room, and will work together to finish it. They will be pushed to share ideas, their experience, and knowledge while also accepting information from other members of their team.

Improves Communication.

To successfully complete the Quest within the allotted time frame, the group of employees participating must communicate effectively. If there are issues between people on the team, they have to be able to overlook them and talk together about the best way to complete the puzzles, games, and riddles put in front of them. This is a skill that can be very useful when taken back to work.

Improve Time Management.

When taking part in one of these team building activities the group is limited on time. This results in the need for efficiency, so the whole team must stay on their toes and work together. This can result in natural leaders taking their place, and the most useful skills of each person being pushed to the forefront.

Use Each Person’s Unique Skills.

There are several different aspects to this activity that require the skills, knowledge, and strengths from multiple people. The only way to complete the event successfully is by utilizing what each person has to offer.

Improve Camaraderie.

The fact that these groups are able to complete the Quest set in front of them is enough to get them excited. Sharing this type of experience and accomplishment is enough to improve the morale between the participants for a long time to come.

The only way to truly discover all the benefits of an Escape the Room team building activity is by trying one out. At Paranoia Quest we have several different themes for you to choose from for your group. First, think about what goal you are trying to achieve. Talk with our knowledgeable staff about what you want to gain from your activity, and we will match you up with the right event for your employees.

at (770) 527-1285 to learn more.

To see our Special Team building pricing and details download our Corporate Team Building PowerPoint Presentation with special pricing and details below

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