15 Creative Company Anniversary Ideas for an Unforgettable Milestone

A company’s anniversary is a significant achievement that deserves proper recognition. The best way to do this is by celebrating with your employees.

After all, the success of your organization depends on your staff. They’re the ones who keep the wheels turning. These individuals represent your company to the public and have an ultimate say in whether or not you succeed.

Hosting a company-wide event is a great way to demonstrate gratitude for your team’s efforts and commitment. It also provides an opportunity to look back on the company’s history and look forward to its future.Today we will go through several creative company anniversary ideas that will inspire your staff, excite your customers, and impress your business partners.

The Importance of Celebrating Company Anniversaries

A company anniversary party is a fantastic opportunity to thank long-term customers, recognize long-term workers, and introduce your company to prospective clientele. Here are the primary benefits of celebrating a business anniversary:

Appreciate and Reward Employees

One of the best ways to demonstrate gratitude to employees is through a corporate anniversary celebration. It’s a way to show appreciation for their dedication to the organization and their essential role in its success.

Recognize Dedicated Customers

When you celebrate company anniversary milestones, it’s a great time to show appreciation to those who have supported the enterprise over the years through their patronage and continued devotion. It’s a great way to bring your customers closer and build rapport with them.

Attract New Customers

A company’s anniversary is a great chance to reach out to potential new clients by highlighting its foundational values, principles, and long track record of success.

Get Publicity

A company’s anniversary is a noteworthy event that can garner excellent press coverage if adequately publicized. The company’s brand and industry profile can benefit from a few creative company anniversary ideas.

Raise Money for Charity 

You can leverage your company’s anniversary to host a charity event. This might show the company’s commitment to social responsibility and help it gain a good reputation.

15 Fun Company Anniversary Ideas

We’ve curated all the inspiration you need, whether you’re throwing a small or large party to recognize this milestone. Here are 15 creative company anniversary ideas to help you celebrate it in style.

1. Organize a company outing at an Escape Room.

Want to find something fresh and new to do for your business anniversary celebration? Try your luck in one of the cutting-edge real-life escape rooms at Paranoia Quest.

Escape rooms are great for company anniversary parties since they encourage collaboration and creative problem-solving. Whether the group is making a jailbreak or surviving the apocalypse, it’s a fantastic way to test your staff, boost team spirit, and get to know your coworkers better outside the office.

Consider the excitement of working with your team against the time to solve a series of puzzles and uncover hints. You’ll never forget the thrill of freedom and the feeling of triumph you experienced when you escaped. Plus, it will be a nice change of pace from the typical office pizza party. Make this year’s business anniversary party a blast.

2. Host an anniversary dinner.

Hosting an anniversary dinner allows employees to relax, unwind, and recognize their value to the company. It also serves as a platform to acknowledge company-wide successes and achievements over the years. 

An anniversary dinner is a time to show appreciation for employees’ hard work and dedication, which can foster a sense of loyalty and motivation among the staff. Additionally, it can be used as an opportunity to network with clients and partners, which can help to strengthen relationships and generate new business opportunities.

3. Create a company-wide scavenger hunt.

Setting up a scavenger hunt is a fun way to get the whole staff working together and competing against one another. 

Plus, the treasure hunt’s built-in physical challenges and activities allow workers to walk outside the office and enjoy the fresh air.

Including questions and challenges based on the company’s history can help employees better understand the company’s mission and values. For instance, if the idea for the business was conceived at a pizza joint, that might be a location for a clue! 

4. Write a special anniversary edition of the company newsletter.

Need a quick idea to celebrate your company’s milestone year? 

Why not make an extra special issue of the newsletter to commemorate your company’s upcoming anniversary?

Sending out an anniversary newsletter is a terrific opportunity to connect with your customers, celebrate the company’s history and achievements, and thank people who have contributed to the company’s current success. 

Plus, it’s a great chance to show appreciation for long-term employees for their commitment and loyalty publicly.

5. Organize a company-wide volunteer day.

If you want to do something meaningful while celebrating company anniversary milestones, consider organizing a volunteer day.

Having a volunteer day on your organization’s anniversary is a great way to keep the good vibes going after the obligatory thank-you speeches. 

So, plan an event for community service with a non-profit that shares your values or serves the same area. Here’s your chance to give back to the community that’s been good to your company over the years. It might also be a way to earn positive media coverage.

Giving back through volunteer work is a fantastic method to demonstrate the company’s social responsibility. And the best part is that you’re doing good in the world by helping others.

6. Plan a team-building retreat for all employees.

Are you looking for company anniversary ideas that bring teams together and promote cooperation? Well, it’s time to organize a team-building retreat. 

A team-building retreat can help shake everyone out of their auto-pilot mindset and spark creativity in a different environment. 

There’s a good chance that the annual corporate retreat will be the only opportunity for employees to interact face-to-face if the company has shifted to remote work. 

Hosting a retreat allows employees to connect and reconnect with their colleagues. It also allows staff to step away from the typical workday, even if it’s only for a few days. As per the “all-work-no-play” rule, it’s crucial to give employees time to relax and socialize outside of work so they can get to know each other better.

So, when planning the retreat, take steps to ensure that your staff returns home feeling energized, with renewed enthusiasm for the company’s future and their roles within it.  Many employees will walk away feeling like they’ve contributed to something worthwhile. 

7. Host a company-wide cooking competition.

Food is a universal language, and a cooking competition is a recipe for success in celebrating corporate anniversaries. It is a fun and unique way to unite everyone, showcase the culinary skills of those on staff, and bond over a shared love of food.

What better way to break down barriers between departments than by coming together for a culinary showdown? The adrenaline rush of trying to create the perfect dish and the sense of accomplishment when it’s done is something that they will remember for a long time, especially if someone creates something truly delicious.

Plus, employees can learn recipes and cooking techniques by participating in the competition. It’s a win-win all around! 

8. Create a memorable anniversary logo and tagline.

Regarding different activities for a company anniversary celebration, creating a memorable anniversary logo is a must. So, gather the employees, order a couple of pizza boxes, and get the creative juices flowing. By making this a cooperative activity, you’ll get a chance to learn more about your staff and how they see the company. 

Additionally, a new logo paired with a catchy tagline is a great marketing opportunity. These can encapsulate all the hard work and achievements of the past years, showcasing your company’s longevity and stability and demonstrating that you’re here to stay.

However, ensure you give them a unique spin. If your organization is reaching its second decade, don’t just tack on “20 Years: A Business Anniversary to Remember;” instead, be specific about what you’re honoring by saying something like, “Celebrating 20 Years of Dedicated Community Service.”

9. Arrange a company-wide charity auction.

Are you ready to celebrate your company anniversary with a dash of excitement while helping out the community? Look no further than a company-wide charity auction! They’re a great way to celebrate your company anniversary in a way that will make a real impact.

Imagine the thrill of out-bidding your coworkers, all while raising funds for a great cause, making a real difference in the lives of people in need.

10. Host a company-wide talent show.

As your company’s anniversary approaches, you might consider a party that will unite the staff and highlights their unique, individual (and potentially weird!) strengths. So, it might be time to dust off that baton and get ready for the stage with a company-wide talent show! 

Gather the gang and sit back while your team members stand under the bright lights, leaving everyone in awe of their unique talents. The list of potential performances includes anything from singing and dance to stand-up comedy and magic tricks. 

You’ll be surprised at the hidden talents within the office, and it’s the kind of party people will talk about for decades.

11. Put together a company-wide photo contest.

Consider a photo contest if you’re looking for company anniversary ideas that include everyone. After all, it’s more than likely everyone in the office has a smartphone with a camera. 

Photo contests are a fantastic way to showcase the work of creative photographers throughout the company. They’re also a great way to connect with the community if you get your staff’s consent to post them publicly.

Whether you’re looking to build brand awareness or host a fun event to get people involved, a photography contest can serve both purposes. So, grab your camera, throw on the black-and-white filter, and try and see the world from a new perspective.

12. Host a company-wide trivia night.

Putting together a company trivia night is a fun and interactive approach to getting to know one another and strengthening bonds based on common company knowledge.

So, organize a trivia night and pit employees against one another to determine who can demonstrate the most in-depth understanding of the business. Include various topics and questions; when was the company founded, what was the first product, and who labels all their food in the community fridge?

Raise the stakes by awarding the victorious team unique rewards like gift baskets, champagne, or gift cards to a local escape room. After all, you don’t want to get through the entire evening, announce a winner, and award them a new mouse pad.

13. Shoot a special anniversary video.

A company anniversary video is a great chance to highlight all you’ve accomplished since the business got underway.

An anniversary video should incorporate several features to properly portray the company’s story and highlight its history, successes, and milestones. 

For a general overview, there should be a synopsis of the company’s history detailing its inception and other seminal milestones, as well as its most significant accomplishments and turning points.

Remember to include testimonials from employees and clients to emphasize the company’s positive impact on the broader community.

14. Organize a company-wide charity run.

One fun way to celebrate a company’s anniversary is to host a charity run for all employees. Volunteering as a group may be a great way to connect while making a positive difference.

However, thinking about the time and effort involved in organizing a charity run is crucial before you commit. 

You will need to examine the route, the scheduling, the registration procedure, the security and safety precautions, and the fundraising and marketing parts of the event. It is also essential that the selected charity fits up with the overall vision and values of the business.

15. Hand out superlatives.

An anniversary party is a great time to recognize employees’ contributions to the organization. Put a smile on your employees’ faces and boost your retention rates with superlatives.

Superlative awards are an excellent way to put a personal spin on employee appreciation programs. However, these endeavors aren’t constrained to the standard templates, such as “Best Dressed.”

The extent to which you’re encouraged to express your individuality and creativity in the workplace depends on your organization’s culture.

Invitees should be able to nominate or vote for coworkers in advance of the event, and the host will disclose the winners there. These awards will strengthen relationships and give staff additional reasons to celebrate together.

Celebrate Your Next Company Anniversary with Paranoia Quest

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4 Escape Room Lock Options for the Ultimate Experience

The main goal of an escape room is to find the key or solution that will allow you to get out. Getting there involves going through various escape room keypads and locks, each requiring a different approach and set of clues to unlock.Therefore, to make your escape room experience more immersive and successful, it’s a good idea to understand the different escape room lock varieties you might encounter. That will give you confidence and clues about tackling different cabinet or door lock games. This will improve your performance and familiarize you with how most escape rooms are set up.

This guide will explore the main types of escape room answer keys and locks you should know.

Types of Escape Room Locks

The types of escape room lock options you might encounter in your game can vary greatly. Many rooms will utilize locks that represent the room’s theme, utilizing unique designs and augmentations to provide you with a more immersive escape key room experience. That being said, you can usually recognize the type of lock behind the design, as its function and properties will usually be based on popular lock designs used outside the game.

Below, you’ll find the main types of locks used in most escape room situations. Of course, you may encounter something else, but these locks encompass what is used consistently and help you quickly see a way to solve any lock you encounter.

1. Padlock with a Key

The most common type of lock you will see is a padlock with a key. With this type of padlock, escape room objects can be locked in various ways, allowing the designer to create challenges for opening boxes, cabinets, machines, doors, or anything else.

At the same time, there are practical reasons why escape room lock boxes often use a padlock to prevent access without a key. First, padlocks are readily available in an abundance of shapes and sizes, which means they can be adapted to almost any situation. This allows room designers to experiment with various objects they want to keep locked. What’s more, padlocks are very affordable, bringing down the costs of setting up the room and reducing the price for visitors.

2. Padlock with Codes

Another type of padlock that serves as a code and key escape room challenge is one that utilizes several word codes to force participants to find clues. Unlike a key lock that relies on finding the key, a combination escape room lock requires you to find solutions to secondary puzzles to gain access to each number or letter in the combination.

A number-based lock means solving puzzles, math equations, or finding answers to trivia questions that can provide hints about what each number in the combination

might be. When you have a letter-based lock, you can even have specific words that will need to be found and spelled out, which means the padlocks game of unlocking it can sometimes be woven into the general theme and narrative of the escape room.

When trying to unlock padlocks with a code, identify the type of code it is likely to use and think about what numbers or letters might have a significant meaning for the room’s overall theme.

3. Directional Escape Room Lock

Directional locks aren’t as popular for practical purposes. They can be challenging to operate and unlock and don’t have any advantage over a key lock or a combination lock.

However, they can add an exciting dimension to escape rooms, which is why many rooms utilize them as part of a more diverse and unique experience. These locks require you to input directions on a pad in a specific sequence to unlock them, which allows the game designers to play around with patterns, movements, cardinal directions, and various other clues.

4. Diversion Locks

Diversion locks don’t look like locks at first glance. They can be disguised to look like almost any item in the room, which can be a big challenge if you don’t know these types of locks exist.

Whenever you’re feeling stuck and unsure how to proceed, it’s a good idea to inspect each item in the room to see if there might be a hidden function that you could access to progress.

Discover the Wonderful World of Escape Room Locks with Paranoia Quest

Locks are integral to any well-crafted escape room. Since the game’s goal is to escape, it only makes sense that the various clues and challenges along the way require you to find the lock or combination to get closer to escaping.

At Paranoia Quest, you will find a variety of unique and beautifully-designed locks and challenges to provide an unforgettable experience for you and your friends. If you’re looking for the best escape room in Atlanta, discover everything we offer today!

15 Fun Office Birthday Ideas Your Team Will Enjoy

Even though office parties sometimes get a bad rep, they can be enjoyable for everyone involved when done right. If you take the time to develop the right party theme, it can even become a fun tradition that everyone at work looks forward to.

Organizing office birthday parties help build camaraderie within your team and show the person you’re celebrating that the company values them and wants to celebrate important moments in their life.

But when it comes to office birthday parties, finding ideas that will generate enthusiasm isn’t always easy. After singing happy birthday, office workers typically have some cake and return to their desks. However, if you put your mind to it, you can turn a work birthday party into an unforgettable experience.

1. Escape Room

There’s a reason why escape rooms have become incredibly popular in recent years. They not only provide an immersive experience and a unique theme but also require people to work together, finding and solving clues and escaping the room in time to win. This collective element of working together will make for a memorable experience while also serving as a team-building exercise that helps your team learn how to cooperate and solve problems.

2. Make it a Surprise

If you want to increase workplace excitement and make an employee’s birthday more memorable, consider planning a surprise party. You can include coworkers and everyone in the office in the planning process, brainstorming what you want to do, how you’ll bring the person into the party, and what you can do to make the day as memorable as possible.

3. Host a Breakfast Party

The problem with organizing an evening birthday at work is that it’s hard to get everyone to attend. By 4 pm or later, some people might have already left, leaving you with few party attendees. To avoid that, consider hosting a breakfast party, ordering delicious breakfast foods such as bagels or pancakes, and getting everyone together for a quick and delightful celebration.

4. Organize a Cocktail/Mocktail Competition

If you organize a celebration in the evening, an excellent way to get people excited and willing to hang around until it starts is to lead with exciting drinks everyone will want to try. Office cocktails that are themed or even created on the spot can be a great way to ensure everyone is having fun at the birthday party, office edition. For those that don’t drink, you can offer mocktail alternatives, which can be just as delicious. This creates an inclusive atmosphere that ensures everyone can attend.

5. Go to a Sports Game

When developing office birthday ideas, an excellent way to organize a memorable day is to consider the interests and hobbies of the person whose birthday you’re celebrating. For instance, if they’re a fan of a local sports team, you can’t go wrong with getting tickets for everyone to see the team in action in your local stadium or arena. Even if their birthday doesn’t coincide with the match date, you can announce the event on the birthday and make it something everyone in the office can look forward to.

6. Host a Virtual Party

In today’s workplace, it’s hard to expect every member to be present in the office all the time. With more and more people working remotely, you need to be creative when developing birthday ideas for work that everyone can attend. If you want to include people who aren’t physically present, you should consider organizing a virtual birthday party. You can set up a theme and have everyone join an online conference with drinks and snacks. Then, you can play trivia games and allow people to unwind together, celebrating the birthday and building camaraderie in the process.

7. Murder Mystery

It’s hard to find someone who wouldn’t get excited about a good murder mystery. If you take the time to plan it well, you can create a fantastic experience for everyone in the office, allowing them to get immersed in their role while also giving a central part to the person of the hour. When planning the murder mystery, create roles for each person according to their personality and make one of them the guilty party. Then, create a scenario and include clues that allow people to work together to find out who’s guilty.

8. Go to a Restaurant

When all else fails, you can never go wrong with taking your entire team to a restaurant. Enjoying a fine meal can be a great bonding experience and is also the perfect setting to celebrate an office birthday. A dinner can add a touch of class to the celebration, allowing people to congratulate the celebrant with presents and cake in a new setting. You can combine the dinner with another out-of-office activity, like an escape room, so the party doesn’t have to end.

9. Take a Class Together

If you want the office birthday celebration to be more creative, you can combine it with learning a new skill or craft with the entire team. For example, bring everyone to a pottery, painting, or cooking class and have a shared experience that will be extremely fun and help people come out of the celebration with a new skill they can use for a lifetime.

10. Scavenger Hunt

The great thing about organizing scavenger hunts for your office birthday party is that they have a very low barrier of entry. The great thing is it requires no prior experience and doesn’t give an advantage to those who have played before. You can customize the hunt according to a theme, setting up clues across the office or even around the city and splitting people into smaller groups to compete for a grand prize. Alternatively, you can brainstorm scavenger hunt ideas with the entire team and have the birthday person find clues on their own, with others coming along and giving them clues as they progress.

11. Office Talent Show

One of the best ways to make an office party fun and informal is to get people to show a side they typically might not display at work. With a talent show, each person can reveal a secret (or not-so-secret) talent, surprising their colleagues and making for an entertaining spectacle for the celebrant and everyone else. When planning a talent show, make sure that people know it ahead of time, as they might need a bit of time to prepare or bring special equipment for their performance.

12. Karaoke Night

Even though many people are hesitant about singing in front of their coworkers in a traditional setting, that can quickly change when you host a karaoke evening to celebrate someone’s birthday. First, each person can choose a song of their choice to celebrate your coworker’s big day. This will undoubtedly be an entertaining and hilarious spectacle that the entire team will be talking about for weeks. Then, as a finale, you can encourage the man or woman of the hour to sing a song or two themselves.

13. Board Game Night

Board games might not be the first thing you think of when brainstorming office birthday ideas, but there’s a reason why both classic and new board games are still so popular in all age groups. People love an exciting challenge and the opportunity to compete, precisely what any good board game can offer. By bringing in a few popular games, adding some drinks, and establishing a prize for the winner, you can create a fun and memorable experience.

14. Rent a Cabin

If you’re feeling more ambitious and want to get everyone in your office out of their usual routine, you could rent a cabin and turn the celebration into a getaway for the entire office. Enjoying a few drinks by the fire, gazing at the stars, and having meaningful conversations will bring the team together. Now, you’ve created a memorable experience everyone will discuss for years to come.

15. Movie Night

There’s a reason why movie night remains one of the most popular reasons for friend groups to get together. Everyone loves a good movie, and it can be a bonding experience, allowing people to share insights and opinions that lead to fun discussions. That’s why movie night is the perfect way to celebrate an office birthday. Bring some refreshments and a few staple movie snacks like popcorn and candy. Now, you’ve got a great relaxing night that can even become a tradition.

Create the Ultimate Office Birthday Party with Paranoia Quest

There are countless ways to turn an office birthday party into a fun time that the celebrant and the entire team will enjoy.

To create the ultimate unforgettable party experience, you can’t go wrong with an immersive team-building escape room challenge. At Paranoia Quest, we have a range of escape rooms with different themes and difficulty levels for you to explore. We even offer birthday packages so that you can turn the experience into a fun celebration.

15 Incredible Team Building Gift Ideas

Working in a corporate environment can feel isolating when everyone on your team is remote. You wouldn’t trade working from home for anything, but there’s an element of team togetherness that you miss—and that’s okay! 

So, how can you avoid the boredom of typical corporate holiday gifts and sparsely-attended outings when your team deserves the best? It would be best if you made your teamwork gifts for your employees as unique as possible. There are plenty of fun team building gifts and activities that everyone will enjoy.

What are Gifts For Team Building?

Transitioning your entire team to 100% working from home was step one. Now, how do you foster camaraderie and collaboration when everyone is remote? Whether you are a small start-up or an enterprise needing corporate team building gifts, we have the perfect ideas.

Giving a gift to your employees shows you appreciate them, but that doesn’t mean you should give the same old gifts each year. Step up your game with any of these extraordinary gifts, so you can give more than the traditional paperweight that collects dust on a shelf.

If you’re looking to add a little fun to your team building gifts for employees, we have a variety of ideas that will put a smile on every team member’s face.

Just because you’re remote doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun together, and these gifts are some of the best ideas for team building your employees have seen in a long time.

Top 15 Team Gift Ideas For Your Employees

You don’t need a party planning committee to pull off these fun, thoughtful, and engaging outings and gifts for your employees. There’s something for everyone, and even the quietest person on Zoom will have a good time.

1. Solve Puzzles Together At Paranoia Quest

Escaping one of the intricate rooms at Paranoia Quest requires all the elements of good teamwork. Keen observation, problem-solving skills, and good communication are essential to beat the clock. It’s the perfect activity for corporate groups to come together for a common goal. Build up your team’s ability to problem-solve together and have fun at the same time.

2. Office Olympics

Get the whole team involved, play games, and win prizes! Several online platforms host online office Olympics and include a master of ceremonies to entertain and keep things running smoothly. Office Olympics are perfect for groups looking for a morale boost or team bonding opportunities. Your employees will form teams, compete against each other in trivia, and play fun games to promote communication and camaraderie.

3. Happy Hour

If everyone is local, make this an in-person happy hour at a bar or restaurant within walking distance of the office, if possible. The more convenient you make outings, the more likely your team will attend. Let everyone know that the first round is covered by corporate.

4. Virtual Happy Hour

Have a cocktail on the house (your own!) at a virtual happy hour. It’s an entertaining way to help reduce workplace stress and boost morale. Either send everyone on your team a package so they can each make a fun, signature cocktail, or encourage your employees to drink whatever they’d like. The point is to spend time together in a relaxed atmosphere.

5. Tiny Campfire

On a scale of 1-10, this adorable virtual activity is a 20. When you register for a tiny campfire experience, each member of your team is sent a package containing s’more ingredients and a tea light “campfire” to toast your gourmet marshmallow. During the activity, your awesome camp counselor will lead your group in s’more making while enjoying tailored games and activities.

6. Trivia Tournament

With tons of trivia games online, you can host a trivia tournament between your team members that will get them engaged, laughing, and communicating with their teammates. The best trivia games to play are fast-paced and easy to understand. Be sure there’s a prize, like a gift card, available to the winner.

7. Subscription Boxes

Snacks from around the world, candles, socks, and sweet treats can be given as teamwork gifts for employees. Fun subscription boxes are a great gift that your employees can enjoy every month. The two most popular choices for corporate gifts are wine and liquor subscriptions, but you can also give tea and coffee subscription gifts to non-drinkers.

8. Virtual Spa Day

Just because you work from home doesn’t mean you don’t need pampering! For your remote team members, a spa care package and gift certificate are perfect for a day of self-care. Your team will return to work relaxed, loose, and refreshed. And don’t forget to throw in a cozy keepsake bathrobe for good measure.

9. Charitable Giving And Volunteering

Find a local non-profit that aligns with your team’s mission statement and organize a day of volunteering. Giving back feels good, and doing something for others is honestly one of the best ideas for a team gift on this list.

10. Bar Games

Oversized Jenga, anyone? Many venues offer more than just darts and pool–games like cornhole, giant Dominoes, Jenga, and more are popular choices for bringing people together. Add some appetizers and beverages, and don’t forget to let your team know how much you appreciate them.

11. Make a Donation To Their Favorite Cause

This team member’s gift idea is more personal. But, if you know a cause that someone on your team is passionate about, donating in their name is a thoughtful gift. Or, donate on behalf of your team (include everyone’s names) to a non-profit within your field (e.g., If you own a vet office, donate to a rescue organization.).

12. Send Everyone Packing

If you have a remote team that has to travel for work, buying everyone new luggage is a no-brainer. This team-building gift is definitely not cheap since high-quality luggage can be pricy. But, for employees traveling for work, dealing with broken and worn-out suitcases makes a business trip even more cumbersome.

13. Give the Gift Of Mental Wellness

Even with health insurance, mental health services can be prohibitively expensive for someone to maintain long-term. There are plenty of therapy app subscriptions you can give your team. Alternatively, you can provide a monthly mental health stipend for each employee to do with as they see fit.

14. Take Your Team Out To Dinner

Make a reservation at a higher-end restaurant in your town, and provide transportation for everyone. Let them order off the menu or opt for a catered menu with more limited choices for larger groups. Once your team is there, you should take the time to tell them how much you value and appreciate them. Make a toast, give our superlatives, and make sure to pay everyone for their time.

15. Go Bowling

Bowling has always been a great team-building activity. It’s a very casual sport that all employees can enjoy. Plus, it has the potential to be a little competitive while not being overly stressful. Most likely, there are a number of bowling alleys in your area. We suggest picking one near your office and hosting a company event there. You can also rent lanes for private events if you want to host a larger event.

Top 10 Inexpensive Team Building Gifts

If you’re a small business owner, it can be challenging to show your employees your gratitude. That’s why it is important to find gifts that truly represent your appreciation and reliance on them to keep your business running. Keeping costs low is a priority, but not at the expense of your team.

There are plenty of inexpensive team-building gifts you can give your employees as a pick-me-up but are not a substitute for fair wages.

1. Headphones And Earbuds

Everyone uses headphones, so it’s a can’t-miss gift for your employees. You can spend as little as $10 per person up to over $100 per person for headphones or earbuds.

2. Headphones And Earbuds

Almost everyone drinks coffee or can find something they enjoy at their local coffee chain. Sending gift cards for a latte or frappuccino is bound to perk up your team.

3. Fuzzy Blanket Or Beach Towel

Choose a super soft throw blanket or a plush beach towel as a teamwork gift, depending on the season. It can be in your company’s colors and include an embroidered logo if necessary.

4. Solar Wireless Charger

The Solar Wireless Charger is a premium mobile accessory that allows you to wirelessly charge your phone without any cables or cords. On top of its convenience, it’s environmentally friendly by using solar energy to power it. This stylish charger will truly take the gift game up a notch this year, and your recipient will be thrilled with the care and thoughtfulness put into this gift idea!

5. Water Bottle/Tumbler

Encourage hydration with a tumbler or water bottle. And who doesn’t love a good water bottle? Even quality water bottles are inexpensive enough to purchase in large quantities for corporate team building gifts.

6. Popsocket

People love Popsockets because it makes holding their phone easier, especially when they’re on the go or using their phone for video calls.

Popsocket can conveniently be used as a phone stand and as a case or prop for taking photos. Best of all, they are easily removable when they are not needed.

You can get it in various sizes, but the most popular size is the Popsocket Original. The original Popsocket is designed to fit on most phones and cases and is available in over 50 designs that appeal to people of all ages.

7. Backpack or Laptop Bag

Even remote team members can appreciate a handy laptop bag! From commuting to business travel, it’s important to make sure your employees have high-quality laptop bags when they need to work on the go.

8. Blue Light Glasses

Blue light glasses are a must-have for people staring at a screen all day. Gifting them to your employees as part of a health and wellness package is a great idea, and you can buy them in bulk!

9. Online Courses

A well-designed online course is one of the best gifts you can give your employees as it can increase their overall knowledge, sharpen their skills and provide them with an opportunity to learn something new. Give them credit to a site like Skillshare or Coursera and encourage them to discover a new hobby or explore more about one they already have.

10. Portable Charger

With literally everyone carrying around a phone these days, no one should be without a portable battery. It will ensure your employees can stay connected wherever they go and allow them to charge devices without cables or an outlet nearby.

Team Building Gifts And Activities For Employees

No matter your budget, there are plenty of ideas for team gifts listed above to get you started! Some of the ideas are low-cost, and others are more expensive, so you should be able to find an idea that will work for any budget.

Whatever gift you decide on, make sure it’s given with genuine care and enthusiasm. No amount of money can make up for thoughtless or impersonal gifts.

Team building events in Atlanta are all about coming together to build stronger communication skills with your team. Whether you want to book an outing for a holiday or team building event, choose an escape room experience at one of Paranoia Quest’s Georgia venues.

We have challenging and thrilling escape rooms in Atlanta featuring murder mysteries and even Harry Potter themes. If your team isn’t in Atlanta, we also have exciting escape rooms in Buford that will give your team a good mental workout.

Paranoia Quest is an immersive, game-style adventure game where you and your team of adventurers must solve puzzles in order to escape from a locked room. You will be immersed in a dark, scary, and unknown world where you must figure out the mystery of who created the series of strange events that led to your captivity before you can finally set yourself free.

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11 Fun Family Reunion Activities for Your Next Event

What’s more important than spending time with family? We look forward to those special moments we spend together, making new memories and reflecting on old ones. But life happens, and sometimes family members move away (or we just get too busy to get together). That’s why regular family reunions are crucial.

It can be challenging to come up with family reunion ideas, especially if you want to plan an event that will be enjoyable and memorable for everyone. After all, each of us is unique, and not everyone will enjoy the same activities. So how do you plan a get-together that suits the whole family tree? 

To help you connect with loved ones, we’ve compiled this list of the best family reunion activities that everyone will be talking about for years. Keep reading for inspiration!

The Importance of Family Reunions

Family reunions are an essential way for families to come together and reconnect. They allow people to catch up on each other’s lives, share stories and memories, and strengthen the bonds between family members. Family reunions can also be an excellent way for families to preserve their history and traditions, and continue to pass them down to future generations. 

Not to mention, family reunions are just plain old fun! Whether you choose to organize lots of activities or you prefer to just enjoy a nice dinner together, family reunions are important events that strengthen family ties.

11 Unique Family Reunion Activities

A family reunion is a special occasion that brings people together, and it’s important to plan activities and events that will be fun for everyone. 

Before you start planning, spend some time thinking about the interests, abilities, and preferences of the people attending. You should also make sure your family reunion ideas are appropriate for several age groups, because chances are there will be a range of kids and adults in attendance. Planning family reunion ideas is easier if you involve other family members in the process and ask for their input and suggestions. 

However, if you’re ready to take the lead, here are some fun ideas for family reunion activities:

1. Solve an Escape Room

Escape rooms are interactive puzzles or games where players have to solve a series of challenges to “escape” the room within a specific time limit. Solving an escape room with family members is a great way to bond, work together, and create unique memories. Trust us, surviving a Zombie Apocalypse with your family is not a memory anyone will forget soon!

When it comes to unique games to play at a family reunion that encourage bonding, escape rooms are at the top of the list. They’re designed to be fun, challenging, and engaging for all ages. They’re an excellent way for families to work together and test their problem-solving skills. Because escape rooms require players to communicate and collaborate, they can also be a good way for family members to get to know each other better, strengthen bonds, and share some laughs.

So, if you and your family enjoy puzzles and challenges, make a reservation with Paranoia Quest’s nearest escape room today! 

2. Play Outdoor Games

Playing outdoor games at a family reunion can be a blast for everyone. Outdoor games are a great way to get everyone moving and having fun together, and there are many different games to choose from that can suit a wide range of ages and abilities. 

So spice things up with a little friendly competition! Some popular outdoor games for family reunion gatherings include frisbee, cornhole, capture the flag, soccer, volleyball, and more. These games create a lively and energetic atmosphere at the reunion, helping everyone have fun and get to know each other better.

3. Set Up a Photo Booth

Who doesn’t love a silly photo shoot? Photo booths are a fun and interactive way for people to take pictures together and capture memorable moments from the reunion. By providing goofy props like hats, mustaches, glasses, and wigs, you can encourage people to get creative and take funny pictures together.

Photo booths can also be a good way for everyone from cousins to in-laws to grandparents to get to know each other better. They can be a fun and lighthearted activity that helps break the ice and get people feeling more comfortable. These photos are also a great way to remember the reunion and all the fun that the family had. Pro-tip: Have everyone upload their photos to a shared digital photo album! 

You can create a DIY photo booth on a budget. Simply hang a sheet as the backdrop, hang a few Christmas lights for ambiance, and buy a few props from your local party store. You can also ask attendees to bring their own props — you never know what family members have in their closets!

4. Host a Potluck

This is one of the easiest ways to host a family reunion, and you’ll learn who the foodies in the family are! Potlucks are a great way to provide a variety of food for everyone to enjoy without putting too much pressure on anyone to do all the cooking. By having everyone bring a dish to share, you can ensure that you’re covering all food preferences and that there’s something for everyone to eat. An added bonus is that everyone can feel like they’re contributing to the event in their own unique way. 

Potlucks also encourage people to try new foods and share their favorite recipes. Perhaps your cousin just moved across the country and they want to bring a dish from their new state. Potlucks in a buffet style also provide a fun and social way to eat, as people can sample dishes from different family members and have a chance to chat and catch up with each other. 

5. Host a Family Game Tournament

Tournament games for family gatherings are a fun and competitive way for families to come together, test their skills, and enjoy a little friendly competition. You can have nuclear families compete against each other (the Joneses vs. the Smiths), kids vs. adults, or whatever arrangement you prefer! 

You can choose from a variety of games to include in the tournament, such as board games, trivia, or outdoor games like bocce and flag football. If you really want to go all out, set up a bracket or schedule to determine who will play against each other. This can create a sense of excitement and anticipation at the reunion and encourage people to get involved and have fun.

Tournament games for reunions allow people to spend time together, share in the excitement of competition, and depending on the game, lots of laughs (Twister tournament, anyone?).

6. Host a Talent Show

Do you know all of your family members’ secret talents? Talent shows aren’t just a unique and fun memory for everyone involved, they’re also a great way for families to learn more about each other and discover hidden talents. You may be surprised to learn your aunt can breakdance or that your little cousin can sing opera! 

Talent shows are great because they’re inclusive of everyone in attendance and appropriate for all ages. Those who want to can choose to participate, while those who don’t can sit back and enjoy the entertainment. Make sure to film the show so you can laugh about this unique memory in the years to come.

You don’t even need a stage for your talent show, just set up enough chairs, clear an open space where the performer can be seen, and provide a microphone if you have one. If you want, hang a sheet as the backdrop and drape some lights for a little extra flair. 

7. Set Up an Arts and Crafts Station

If you’re looking for reunion ideas that are a hit with both kids and parents alike, an arts and crafts station is a sure bet. Kids love getting creative and making their own art, while parents love the break from watching the kids. Not to mention, lots of adults are going to want to create their own masterpieces as well!

You can set up a table with various craft supplies (such as markers, paints, and scissors) and encourage people to make something that reflects their interests or talents. This can be a great way for people to relax and have fun and provide an opportunity for family members to share their creative ideas and skills. 

The crafts and art projects that people make at the DIY station can also serve as mementos of the reunion and can be a fun way to remember the event in the future. If you want an idea that has everyone collaborating, set up a group project. You can have attendees write messages in a guest book, ask everyone to draw something on a large piece of construction paper, or create a collage. 

8. Host a Family Movie Night

This one is a more laid-back family reunion activity, but it’s always a hit with family members of all ages. If you (or another family member) have enough space to host everyone, do it at home! You can ask people to vote on what they want to watch (just make sure the options are child-appropriate if kids are coming) and bring their favorite snacks and candy. You can even ask people to dress up as their favorite character! 

If you have a huge family that simply can’t fit in a normal-sized living room, you have two options. If your yard is big enough, set up a projector on a warm summer night. Ask everyone to bring their own chairs and hang some lights for ambiance. This will be a hit with adults and kids alike (though it won’t be a hit with your neighbors if you play too loud, so keep the volume down). 

Alternatively, you can arrange for everyone to meet at a local movie theater and splurge on popcorn, drinks and all the good stuff. Just make sure everyone is respectful of other movie goers once the showing starts.

9. Set Up a Scavenger Hunt

If you’re planning fun games for family reunions, consider setting up a scavenger hunt to add some excitement and adventure to the event. Scavenger hunts are a fun and interactive way for people to compete with each other and create lasting memories. Make sure the scavenger hunt isn’t too difficult — you don’t want people getting frustrated!

Want to incorporate a little family history? Scavenger hunts can be a good way for families to learn more about their history and heritage. You can include clues and challenges related to the family’s past or traditions, with a relevant prize at the end! No need to go big, the prize can simply be a cake made from an old family recipe or a gift card to a local business.  

10. Host a Karaoke Night

Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned karaoke night? For those who can and can’t sing, this is always a fun activity that everyone will remember for years to come. You can set up a karaoke machine at home or rent a room at a local karaoke spot. 

Want to have your own American Idol moment? Make it a competition! Set up a panel of “judges” and have them comment on everyone’s performance. Alternatively, you can have attendees vote on winners in different categories such as Best Singer, Worst Singer, Silliest Dance, and so on. This can create a lively and exciting atmosphere at the reunion and allow people to let loose and have fun.

11. Host Family History Trivia

An easy family reunion game idea is to create a Jeopardy-style quiz based on your family history. This quiz can be a fun and interactive way for people to learn more about their family’s past and discover interesting facts and stories about their ancestors. A family history quiz is an excellent way to preserve and pass down the family’s history to future generations.

If you want to keep things more modern or you don’t know much about your family history, go for more recent memories that will bring laughter and joy to the family. For example, perhaps someone knocked over the cake at your cousin’s wedding or someone forgot your mom’s birthday two years in a row. Make sure to include everyone so no one feels left out. 

Family trivia can be a great way to spark conversations about the family’s past and allow people to share their own stories. It’s a fun way to look back on fond memories while creating new ones!

Family Fun at Paranoia Quest

For one of the best family reunion activities that everyone will love, solve an escape room at Paranoia Quest! We offer a variety of interactive and immersive escape rooms for groups of all ages, from Murder Mysteries to the Zombie Apocalypse. Book your next family reunion at our escape room in Atlanta today!