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Escape Rooms – The Ultimate Communication Game

Most companies understand the importance of effective communication and group skills to their success, but when it comes to improving them, many are not sure what’s the best way to proceed.

Some invite renowned speakers to give their teams the basic framework of how to improve communication at work, but the truth is, while theoretical knowledge is important, without real-life situations to practice them, it isn’t likely to translate into the workplace.

That’s why more businesses are recognizing the value of using communication games to boost employee communication skills.

But what type of communication game should you choose to achieve the best results?

Let’s explore below.

What Makes a Great Communication Game

While playing communication skills games is not something that every employee looks forward to, these types of games can not only be very useful but also offer a fun experience for everyone involved.

But in order to get the best results, it’s vital to choose a game that focuses on the essential skills that are a part of effective communication.

Some skills that are worked on with effective communication games include the ability to actively listen to what the other person is saying, clearly communicating their own ideas, being able to quickly analyze each other’s input, and solving problems together.

Games for communication that address these skills are the ones that you should look for. These types of games typically need to challenge the participants and have them solve some kind of problem together.

And while there are a few communication game options that can be effective for improving team communication skills, a strong case could be made that escape rooms offer the most long-term benefits.

Why Escape Rooms Are the Ultimate Communication Game

Escape rooms are becoming an increasingly popular communication game option because they offer some unique advantages compared to most other games for communication.

For one thing, escape rooms provide a completely unpredictable and unique environment every single time that your team participates.

That means that any theoretical communication knowledge they might have, they will need to adapt to real-life situations every single time and won’t be able to fall back into cookie-cutter patterns that won’t be applicable in the real world.

What’s more, the fun, but high-pressure environment of having to solve the riddle in the room and get out will mimic the work-like environment that involves deadlines, pressure, and having to work together to solve various problems.

Another reason why escape rooms work so well is that it helps to break away from the hierarchical dynamics of the workplace that can prevent people from reaching their full potential.

During more rigid group communication games, the dynamics of superior-subordinate remain a factor, which can reduce the effectiveness of the game and not have the lasting results that companies expect with these types of exercises.

But in the escape room, people have a much easier time immersing themselves in the themed environment and forgetting the roles that people take at the workplace, and that can have numerous benefits.

First off, it can help people develop a new level of relationships when working together to solve a problem. Colleagues learn to trust one another more and see a problem-solving side of each other that they will be more likely to fall back on in the workplace as well.

And since everyone has an equal say in the escape room, you may even find that employees who are much quieter in the workplace suddenly become more vocal and assertive, giving you a better idea of who might be well-suited for a bigger role at the company.

Finally, the comradery of working together to conquer the challenge of the escape room will not only bring the entire group closer together but will give them confidence that together they can tackle work challenges as well.

You can’t underestimate the significance of accomplishing something together, even if it’s solving the riddle of an escape room.

Seeing the value of working together on a communication game, as well as feeling a sense of achievement from solving it, might be the perfect impulse for doing big things back in the workplace as well.

Final Words

There are many ways how you can approach improving communication skills in your company.

But why sit through a boring lecture or play awkward communication games when you can spend a day with your colleagues solving fun puzzles at the best Atlanta escape room!

At Paranoia Quest, we specialize in putting together exciting Atlanta team building events and offer a wide selection of escape rooms that can provide customized experiences for you and your team. If you want to learn more, you can contact us directly by calling 678 828 4410.

What is an Escape Room Game?

What are escape rooms and why you should try one

What is An Escape Room: All You Need to Know

Escape rooms are becoming more popular every year – it seems that every weekend someone you know tries it and then spends the next week telling you how fun and exciting it was.

But while it may be popular, if you haven’t tried it, you may be asking yourself – what is an escape room, anyway?

Well, to clear up any misconceptions, in this article, we’ll figure out exactly what is an escape room game and whether you should try it as well.

What is an Escape Room?

In short, an escape room is an interactive puzzle-solving game that you participate in with your friends.

The escape room definition is pretty straightforward:

A group of people get locked in a theme-based room and have to solve various clues and riddles to find their way out in under 60 minutes.

Depending on the theme, you will need to showcase your sleuthing abilities in finding hidden clues, work together as a team to make connections that may not be visible immediately, and quickly eliminate paths that don’t lead to answers.

The most important thing to remember when trying to figure out what is an escape game is this – you will need to trust your teammates and find a way to work together effectively, as there’s little chance of success (and little fun) in trying to solve everything on your own.

While those that have not tried it and don’t know what are escape rooms may think that the activity is boring or silly, when you find yourself locked in a room, with the only (fun) way of escaping being finding the clues, that can surely get the adrenaline pumping and work your brain in ways you wouldn’t be able to almost anywhere else.

Add in the excitement and the sense of comradery that comes from solving clues and figuring out the escape room concept, and you’ve got yourself a day that you and your friends will not soon forget.

How Do You Do an Escape Room?

The next thing we must figure out when learning more about what is an escape room is how do you arrange and complete it to have the most fun.

You see, there are plenty of escape room options that you can choose from – you could probably find dozens of different themes, as well as countless objectives and various types of challenges, so getting to know the options is definitely worth it as you can then decide which ones excite you the most.

Whether it’s the always thrilling “Jail Break,” a scary “zombie apocalypse,” or a classic like a “murder mystery,” the theme will give your escape room experience more flavor and authenticity, so think about what type of environment you’d like to experience.

One thing that people who don’t know what’s an escape room often don’t realize is that immersing yourself in the carefully planned out environment of the escape room makes up a large part of the fun and is one of the main reasons why escape rooms are so popular.

Once you pick a room that you like and have your guide explain to you your goals and other rules that you must follow, you will be ready to get started.

Then, remember to work as a team, separate into groups to look through more clues, and always communicate as you make decisions about which avenues to pursue. Follow these simple principles, and you’ll be well on your way to solving the escape room clues on time.

Why Would You Want to Do an Escape Room?

Now that we’ve figured out what is an escape room and how can you take part, we need to answer the ultimate question – why would you want to do it in the first place?

Getting locked in a room may not seem like the most fun way to spend your time, especially if you haven’t tried escape rooms before, but there’s a reason why so many people each year take part in escape room challenges all around the world.

The first reason is pretty straightforward – escape rooms provide a change of scenery and a new adventure that can help break the routine of everyday life.

Immersing yourself in the fantasy world of the room while solving riddles and clues is a great way to unwind after a long week and recharge your batteries while at the same time sharpening your creativity and problem-solving abilities.

Another reason why you should consider an escape room is the fact that it’s an excellent opportunity to get together with your family and friends – instead of meeting in your regular spot, you can try something new together and have loads of fun in the process.

Finally, the reward and thrill of finding your way out of the room may even end up getting you hooked on the activity, as accomplishing such a challenge can be one of the most exciting things you can do.

So, where is the escape room located in your area, reach out to Paranoia Quest and book one of their Atlanta escape room options today!

Escape Room Tips: How to Beat the Best Puzzles

If you’ve never been a part of an escape room experience before, you may not be completely sure how to choose the best escape room strategy – figuring out how to beat an escape room can be tricky, as the overwhelming number of potential clues can leave you unsure of how to find quick answers.

After all, many newbies do struggle with finding the escape room solutions that lead to clues but rest assured, there’s always something to find if you just know what to look for.

So, to help you get started, here are some escape room tips that will help you figure out how to escape an escape room in as little time as possible.  

Pay Attention During the Briefing

Many people are too eager to get started on solving the escape room to listen to what the instructor has to say, but besides laying down some ground rules which are important to solve the game the right way, he will also set the stage and share a backstory for the escape room, and may even sprinkle in a few hidden tips, which can prove to be vital when looking for escape room hints.

Work as a Team

One of the most common mistakes that newbies make when looking for how to escape the room is trying to do it all on their own. Remember, you are locked in as a team, so you should look for escape room clues together and try to build on each other’s ideas to move past obstacles quicker.

Divide into Groups

While it makes sense to work together when looking for escape room tips and clues, you don’t have to focus your entire attention on one area, especially if it’s a complicated escape room. Separate into groups and focus on different areas, trying to look for any escape room answers that could be helpful.

Communicate at All Times

Even if you decide to separate into groups, it’s essential that all the participants communicate and share information at all times. You are working against the clock, and so everyone needs to be clued in about any new developments or discoveries so that they can share their input and help connect the dots.

Perform a Thorough Inventory

When beginning your search for escape room hints or cheats, you should first do an inventory of everything that you can see in the room – go through all the items that could be clues and think of which could be crucial for finding how to solve an escape room. Remember, not all items will be prominently displayed, and some of them may be hidden, so don’t be afraid to thoroughly explore every section and look underneath or inside various objects.

Organize Your Clues

Since solving the puzzle is complicated enough on its own, keeping yourself organized and sorting the clues according to their importance and to whether they’ve been used or not is one of the most important escape room tips we can give you. If you start organizing your clues, seeing possible connections will become much easier, especially since the entire team will always have them in their sights.

Figure Out What Type of Room You’re Dealing With

One of the best ways to speed up your search for clues is to try and identify what type of escape room are you dealing with as soon as possible. Usually, escape rooms can be sorted into two groups – linear and nonlinear. Linear rooms are those that reveal the next clue only when you find the first one, and nonlinear rooms are those where all the clues are available at all times, which means that separating into smaller groups makes even more sense.

Commit to Solving the Puzzle

If you haven’t tried it before and are looking for escape room tips just to make the potential task of solving it easier, you should consider that a big part of success is committing yourself fully to finding the hidden escape room secrets. If you’re just going through the motions and are waiting for it to be over, you’ll have a hard time solving the clues, and the experience will not be nearly as enjoyable as it would be if you made a real effort and tried to immerse yourself in the environment.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Even the most experienced people who use all of the escape room strategies sometimes run out of ideas and feel stuck. Instead of trying to hide it or struggling to move past the obstacle, don’t be afraid to ask for help. First, you can consult with your teammates and see if they have any suggestions, but if that doesn’t work, you can usually ask for at least one clue from your guide on the other side of the door.

Have Fun

Finally, even though it’s natural that you want to perform your best and solve the escape room at a record pace, remember that the ultimate goal is to have a good time with your friends and colleagues. Therefore, make sure that you’re enjoying the experience from start to finish, and celebrate your team accomplishments as you use the tips for escape rooms on this list and find your way out.

If you’re looking to have fun with your friends or colleagues and take on an escape room challenge, Paranoia Quest will be happy to help you find the most thrilling escape room in Atlanta for your group. To learn more, call us at 6788284410 or find more info on our site and let us provide you an experience that you’ll never forget!

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