Best Kept Secrets for Mastering an Escape Room in Lawrenceville

What You Need to Know About and Escape Room in Lawrenceville

It’s summer! It’s time to experience new, fun and exciting things. With summer comes the wide variety of activities and events to take on. The question is what can you do to stay cool and have fun? You, your friends and your family really want to try something new. An Escape Room in Lawrenceville is the best way to have some fun this summer. But what do you need to know about defeating one of these Escape Rooms? Paranoia Quest has got you covered. Read more

Get Out from the Computer and Into an Escape Room in Duluth

An Escape Room in Duluth Could Be Your Answer to Your Team Building Event

In this technological world, it’s hard to not be in front of a computer on a daily basis. We rely on computers for information, communication and as a social outlet. Starring at a computer screen for a certain amount of time is not good for eyesight and your back. Sure taking breaks helps, but after a while teams can become drained. That can make it difficult for teams to effectively communicate and get things done. This is when executives and companies turn to corporate team building. How can you get your teams out from their computers? With something exciting and new like an Escape Room in Duluth! Read more

Try Your Luck With An Escape Room in Atlanta

Spend St. Patrick’s Day At An Escape Room in Atlanta

St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner, and there are plenty of ways that you can celebrate here in Atlanta. That being said, you’ll probably want to find a unique activity to spend the day before you celebrate the night away at your favorite Irish pub. You’ve been looking for a good escape room in Atlanta, so why not come try your luck at one of our escape rooms at Paranoia Quest? Read more

Surviving the Holidays with an Escape Room Near Me

For a lot of people, the holiday season is one of the most exciting times of year. People of all backgrounds simply fall in love with the season and its activities. Presents, parties, family, friends, lights, Santa… what’s not to love about all that? As many people as there are who go Christmas crazy, there is another group that simply don’t care for the holidays; let’s call them Scrooges, after the lead character in The Christmas Carol. These folks have come to loathe the season, finding cookies, holiday songs and caroling as obnoxious as mosquitoes in July. If you are a Scrooge, there is no shame in that, but listen; Paranoia Quest’s escape room games can be a perfect respite. If you’ve ever asked, “Is there and escape room near me?” and you fall into the Scrooges group, the simple answer is yes, yes there is. Read more

Things to Do in Lawrenceville While Escaping the Holiday Crowds

As Christmas 2017 quickly approaches (less than two weeks to go!), the holiday crowds are growing exponentially. Going to the malls has become like running the gauntlet at the beginning of Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Arc, though with fewer darts and rolling death balls and more with people stuffed into each last square inch of available space, and with this season’s hot toy being the golden idol at the back of the cave. Who wants to deal with all that (besides Indiana Jones, of course)? If you are looking for fun things to do in Lawrenceville while avoiding the holiday crowds, Paranoia Quest is your answer. Read more

Use team building to beat the summertime blues

The summer has officially begun and while the kids are off school and playing in the pool, you and your team are still reporting to the office every weekday. You’ve probably caught staff members staring longingly out the window, and you may have even been guilty of that yourself. So as the weather keeps getting nicer and everyone is wishing more and more they were outside instead of in front of a computer, you will need something to keep your team energized. Normal team building exercises are played out and lame, so what can you do to keep morale high while everyone only wants to be outside? The answer is easy: one of the escape games from Paranoia Quest is sure to re-energize your flagging team and give everyone a nice break from the mundane. Read more