Reasons You Should Host Your Team Building Event At Escape The Room Atlanta

Team Building and Escape The Room Atlanta

It’s summertime. That means nicer weather, outdoor fun and vacations. However, that makes it hard for those who work. That can lead to staff being a little distracted and feeling discouraged about the work. That’s why it’s important to keep them motivated and feeling productive. At this point, most companies and businesses like to do some team building. How do you change up the basic, ordinary team building meeting? With an Escape The Room Atlanta. Read more

The Office Meets an Escape Room Atlanta

Dunder Mifflin at an Escape Room Atlanta

We all live vicariously through our favorite shows. That is especially true when talking about almost everyone’s go-to show, The Office. Whether you’re a fan of the pranks or the gut-busting meetings, every character speaks to you on some level. There have been countless attempts at team building exercises throughout the show, but how would they do in an Escape Room Atlanta? Read more

Changing Up Your Team Building Event with an Escape Room in Lawrenceville

Switching Things Up with an Escape Room in Lawrenceville

The workplace is always a place of interacting and teaming up with your coworkers. Whether it is for a project, presentation or a client meeting, there’s always that connection and reliance on one another. Sometimes that can be quite the repetitive routine. That’s where companies like to throw in team building exercises to boost morale and get everyone back into the swing of things. However, personality tests, question sessions and cheesy games are not always the best answer. Why not escape the norm and change up your team building even with an Escape Room in Lawrenceville. Read more

Corporate Team Building in Atlanta: Learn Your Team Personalities

Using Corporate Team Building in Atlanta to Uncover Employees’ Traits and Tendencies

As the great Aristotle taught us, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” While that has been proven true time and time again, how can you achieve a cohesive whole without knowing the value and purpose of each part? One particular part might serve and function better if you know its designed purpose. The same can be said about your team and its individuals. Through corporate team building in Atlanta, you can learn the ins and outs of your team’s personalities. Read more

Experience extreme corporate team building with Zombie Hour

Working in a corporate environment isn’t always the most glamorous thing in the world. You show up at 8, pop your lunch in the office refrigerator and grab a seat in your cubicle next to your “Life’s a Beach” coffee mug and jar of pens. Your day of entering data into reports is broken up by trips to the coffee pot, the occasional meeting and polite chit-chat with co-workers you are friendly with but actually barely know. You roll with this routine five days a week, twelve months a year and eventually it can get old. Like, really old. What if, after being stuck in a corporate rut for who knows how long, you could spend an hour using your wits and instincts to survive a hellish world overrun with the living dead? With Paranoia Quest’s newest escape game, Zombie Hour, you and your co-workers can do just that, breaking the monotony with the kind of corporate team building people can actually get excited about. Read more

Inspiring your marketing team with a Buford escape game

More than any other department, your marketing department needs to be working at 100 percent efficiency. If no one is getting the word out about your product or company, you aren’t making any money. Your marketing department tends to be made up creative people, and these people can often and easily get burnt out on coming up with new pitches, ideas and devices for making you and your company the money you need and deserve. So what can you do, as a business owner, to keep these people fresh, engaged and productive? Have you thought about inspiring your marketing team with a Buford escape game? Probably not. Maybe now is the time to consider some team building with an escape game from Paranoia Quest! Read more