Escape Room Atlanta Tips on Not Losing Your Head During the Holiday Season

We all love our family, but sometimes being around them during the holidays is stressful. Thanksgiving is here, and then the busy holiday season kicks off with Black Friday. For most families, that means seeing a lot of each other. The unnecessary stress from the holidays tends to bring out the worst in people. Even when you have the best intentions, Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas morning can get awkward. Escape Room Atlanta has few ways you can alleviate the tension.

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Sharing a Date Night To Remember At An Escape Room Near Me

Up Your Date Night With An Escape Room Near Me  

Getting caught up in your day to day happens without trying. That’s why time outside of your norm spent with your significant other adds more happiness into your lives. Sometimes you don’t want to have a simple, predictable date night. An Escape Room Near Me is how you make a typical date night and make it more memorable than you could imagine.   Read more


Summer Parties That Rock At An Escape Room!

Summer Parties Mean Business

It’s summer and to most of us, that means the neighborhood pools are finally open, schools are seeing their last days of the year and literally everyone is breaking out the barbecue . Maybe you and your friends are looking for something a little different this summer than the usual pool party celebration. Not that hot dogs, hamburgers and ribs could ever get old, but maybe this year your family or friends want something a little more daring or exciting. As you plan the perfect summer parties to out do everyone, maybe you could empty the shelves of a fireworks store, risk blowing off all your fingers and setting your house on fire, OR you could gather your troops for an exciting escape the room game at Paranoia Quest! Read more


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Title:Zombie Apocalypse
Duration:1 Hour

  • 8 Participants Maximum
  • All Participants must be at least 10 years of age

  • Everyday except Monday
  • Monday available for Corporate events/Team Building/Birthday Party's Only

Duration Numeric: 60
Success Rate Numeric: 37%
Participants Simple Range:2-8
Poster Image: poster_image
Pressure: 94
Agility: 76
Puzzle Savvy: 83
Fun: 90
Intellect: 87