Work Anniversary Gifts: Corporate Anniversary Gift and Party Ideas

Work anniversaries offer a great opportunity to reflect on all that an employee has done, thank them for their dedication, and celebrate the advances that still lie ahead. Work anniversary gifts and parties are one of the best ways to show appreciation for hard work and build team morale. Keep this list of work anniversary gift ideas and events in mind the next time one of your colleagues celebrates a milestone to make them feel valued, respected, and motivated.

Corporate Anniversary Party Ideas

Everyone enjoys an office party, and it’s a great chance to recognize your employees in front of their peers. Throw an informal lunchtime celebration in the workplace break room by finishing work early to celebrate with cake, tasty snacks, and some words of thanks. The structure of your company will determine the scale and frequency of your parties. Large companies may host one big annual event that celebrates the various milestones of employees at one gathering. Smaller organizations are more likely to hold informal festivities individually and only throw an enormous bash for employees who reach important milestones, such as 15 or 20 years. 

For these more significant achievements, you may want to give your workers a thoughtful, once-in-a-lifetime experience that matches their personality. By customizing your party to their tastes, you’ll show them just how much you appreciate them and commemorate how well you’ve gotten to know them over your time together. For example, if they’re a bookworm, throw a book-themed party. If they’re adventurous, take them to an escape room. If your colleague is a master griller, organize a company-wide barbeque.

Employee Anniversary Gift Ideas

While an appreciation speech is appreciated and should always be included at an anniversary party, sometimes an employee anniversary gift can go a long way. You can either collect donations from colleagues for a group gift, or you can splurge on the gift yourself. Work anniversary gifts can be as simple as an extra day of PTO or a paperweight engraved with their name and years of service. Here are some business anniversary gift ideas to get you inspired

  • Watch
    The gold standard in work anniversary gifts is an engraved watch, a thoughtful present that an employee will cherish for a long time. Instead of a traditional wristwatch, you might give your employee a personalized smartwatch or Fitbit, depending on their style and taste. You can engrave your employee’s name or a customized message from your organization on them.
  • Give Them a Shout Out on the Company Website

    Everyone loves public praise, so consider highlighting your colleagues’ work anniversaries on your website. You can do this through a separate landing page or a section on your “About Us” page called “Featured Employees.” If you want to show even more nuanced appreciation, you can even do an interview with them and write a short post for your blog or corporate newsletter.

    Social media is especially well-suited to anniversary shout-outs. Give a brief description of your colleague including their name, years of service with your firm, why you appreciate having them on the team (i.e. their strengths), and what they enjoy about their position.  Upload a professional headshot on your social media sites. Having their name and face on the site is something they can show their friends and family and gives them something to be proud of.

  • Customize Their Coffee Mug
    Customized coffee cups with your employee’s name, accomplishments, and business logo are thoughtful and inexpensive 1 year work anniversary gifts for a minor milestone. Your employee may use their customized mug for coffee breaks at home or work. For their first work anniversary, personalized and company-branded goods like mugs or sweaters are a terrific way to solidify an employee’s place in the team.
  • Gift Them with an Extra Day Off
    Paid time off is a coveted aspect of working life, and we often find ourselves saving it for trips and vacations. Surprise your colleague with an extra paid day off to thank them for all the work they do while in the office. We all suffer from burnout, and anyone would be inspired by the prospect of taking an additional day off. Consider giving an employee an extra day of vacation time for every year they’ve been at the firm.
  • Electronics with a Personal Touch
    For a 5 year work anniversary gift, you can skip the plaque or trophy. Instead opt for something they’ll actually use, like a custom-engraved tablet, Bluetooth speaker, or other gadgets.
  • Voucher to An Escape Room
    Escape rooms are a unique and fun way to show appreciation for your employees. You can either grant them a voucher to use with their colleagues for fun team building events, or they can use it with their families (these are especially popular work anniversary gifts for employees with children).

Major Benefits for Major Anniversaries

Rewarding staff for major anniversaries is a great way to keep them on board for the long-term. Someone who has worked for your firm for five years deserves something special. If they’ve worked for ten or even fifteen years, you need significant company anniversary gifts for major milestones. When you compare the profit involved in retaining your top talent to the expenses of losing and replacing them, you’ll see that keeping your top talent can result in better long-term profitability.

Let Paranoia Quest Handle Your Work Anniversary Party Ideas

Escape rooms are one of the best work anniversary gifts for business groups to come together to work towards a single, memorable goal outside of the office. Develop your team’s capacity to work together to solve problems while celebrating an employee’s achievement at one of Paranoia Quest’s mystifying escape rooms. For parties of 8 or more, our professional escape room events in Atlanta and Buford can handle all the logistics. Contact us today to book your next employee anniversary gift for a night to remember.

Farewell Party: Party Ideas for Going Away

There are times in everyone’s life where they have to say goodbye, whether it be a friend moving away or a favorite colleague transitioning to a new company. However, if you have to say goodbye, why not make it easier with a going away party? A farewell party doesn’t have to be a painful parting and can be an opportunity to leave a lasting mark on a friend by sending them off in style. Going away party ideas work to strengthen ties with departing loved ones by giving them a thoughtful goodbye, showing them how important they are to you, and creating one last opportunity to make fond memories. If you have a tough goodbye coming up, we’ve listed out some of our favorite going away party ideas below to plan a fantastic evening that will be remembered for years to come.

Fantastic Farewell Party Themes

Every conclusion heralds the beginning of something new as we bid farewell to one chapter and welcome the next. While these events can be tough, you want your last memories together to be of fun and laughter — not tears and goodbye hugs. What better way to commemorate a momentous occasion than with one of these festive farewell party ideas?

  • Masquerade Party
    Masquerade parties are a great option for goodbye parties because you can tailor them to fit your loved one’s personality. Throw a regal and elegant masquerade party, or go with goofy and silly masks instead. This is an excellent theme for a farewell party because all your guests will need is a mask that may be used with any costume and provides a perfect chance for guests to express their creativity.
  • Color Party
    Choose a single color or a color combination as your goodbye party theme. For example, if your special someone is leaving for college, a great option is to host a party themed with their new school colors. Color coordinate your invites, decor, food, and beverages. Allow the guests to dress in accordance with the color scheme and to grace the event in style.
  • Decades Party
    Take a trip back in time and throw a decade party. Choose a favorite decade, such as the 1960s or 1990s, and dress up in the trends from that era. Dance to the sounds of that decade’s music and you can take it a step further by giving prizes to the best-dressed people. If you’re saying goodbye to an old friend you’ve known for decades, choose the decade that you met in for a sentimental touch.
  • Halloween
    Who doesn’t love Halloween? Host a good-bye party with a spooky theme, no matter what time of year! It’s one of the best ideas for going away parties because a Halloween party is a guarantee for a fun-filled evening of costumes, candy, and decorations.
  • Packing Party
    When it comes to preparing for a cross-country relocation or a long-term trip, sometimes the best present is simply coming over with cardboard boxes. If a buddy is moving out of their house, this is one of the most helpful farewell party ideas for friends. Everyone needs help moving, whether it be loading the U-Haul, cleaning out the garage, or donating unwanted goods to charity. Break out a couple bottles of champagne and boxes of pizza once you’ve finished packing for a low-key party.
  • Destination Party
    Use the going away party to commemorate a new adventure in a new city. It’s a fun way to communicate “we’ll miss you” while simultaneously expressing your excitement for their future journey. Set up decorations and have a potluck where guests bring foods unique to your friend’s new destination.
  • Bonvoyage Party
    Sometimes traditional festivities are the best way to go. Throw a “bonvoyage party” with a travel theme, complete with map tablecloths and a cooler full of wine bottles from around the world. This theme is especially appropriate for a farewell party if your loved one is moving abroad or going on a long trip.
  • Escape Room Farewell Party
    If you’re looking for one last bonding experience, an escape room is an excellent option. Gather clues, decipher messages, and complete puzzles with your group one last time at one of Paranoia Quest’s themed escape rooms.
  • Family Feud Party
    You’ve made it to the farewell party, but do you know everything there is to know about your departing friend? While there are several game shows you can pull from, with Family Feud, a couple of index cards and two buzzers makes it an easy and fun way to learn things you never knew about your loved one before they go.
  • Board Game Extravaganza
    It’s more than just fun and games when you play board games. They encourage strategic thinking, teamwork, and plain old fun. Spend one last evening with a marathon of multiple board games set up around the room for a fun-filled evening of competitive spirit and laughter.

The Ultimate Farewell Party Idea

Goodbyes are never easy, so why sit through an awkward exchange of farewells when you could spend your last day together exploring the mysteries of Atlanta’s best escape rooms? At Paranoia Quest, we specialize in creating team building events and providing a variety of themed escape rooms that create long-lasting memories for you and your group. Contact us today to plan your farewell party and say goodbye in style.

The Ultimate Guide to Surviving a Horror Escape Room

Are you looking for a terrifying outing you won’t soon forget? Then it’s time to explore some of the grisly adventures found in a horror escape room!

Among all escape room themes, horror escape rooms are definitely some of the most popular. They seek to test your thinking in new ways, and their courageous players are frequently left weak in the knees, triggering the adrenaline-fueled fight or flight response that follows a well-timed shock.

If you’re wondering “are escape rooms scary?” or are simply looking for a new thrill, then a horror escape adventure is the activity for you. Here are a few pointers on how to make the most of your first experience!

Horror Escape Rooms: What to Expect

Everyone likes a good fright now and then, and a horror-themed escape room is a perfect place to get your fix. Like traditional escape rooms, you must concentrate on the puzzles and apply all of your problem-solving abilities — even with zombies and monsters on the prowl! However, with the added twist of fear, tension, and escape room horror, you’ll need to steel your mind to tune out the eerie noises and ignore the monster attempting to devour you.

Businesses in the escape room industry, like any other industry, must continuously evolve. As fuel for innovation, only the game designer’s creativity limits where and how to transport a group of players for an hour. Unsurprisingly, many have turned to escape game horror. Themes for horror “escape the room games range from genuinely insane, action-packed, thrilling adventures to more mind-bending, psychological terrors that you’ll feel in your gut as the game moves along.

It’s important to note that regardless of the horror escape room’s theme, you have the freedom to exit at any time. Even if the doors are “locked” behind you, escape room providers care about their customers and would never detain you without your consent.

7 Tips to Succeed at a Horror Escape Room

  1. Consider what you’re agreeing to

    Please consider your options before entering a scary “escape the room” game. You may feel braver because you’ll be with your pals and think you’ll have nerves of steel. However, remember that you’ll be in a confined, dark, and at times, claustrophobic space.

    If you suffer from any medical issues that might be exacerbated by sudden scares or claustrophobia, now is the moment to speak out. If you suffer from anxiety or are pregnant, we do not recommend participating in horror escape room games. In general, be aware of your physical and mental limits, as well as any health conditions, before agreeing to a horror escape room.

  2. Be aware that “jump scares” will occur

    There are a few simple and efficient techniques to truly scare someone. “Jump scares” (sudden frights that make you jump), flashing lights, eerie sound effects, and horrific sights are all examples of this. There’s also a good possibility your squad will be split apart at some point in your quest to escape horror. The game designers know that being in a group with your buddies can offer a sense of protection, and will intentionally split the group up to make the experience more terrifying.

  3. Don’t expect challenging puzzles

    Surviving the terrifying atmosphere is the real puzzle of a horror escape room. This is because when individuals are fearful and on the verge of panic, they have a hard time concentrating!

    You’ll notice that the illumination will be dimmer, reducing visibility significantly. This ambiance serves to make you feel uneasy. If you enjoy solving complicated puzzles and riddles, you might want to steer clear of horror escape rooms.

  4. You will adapt to the tension

    When you try anything new for the first time, it quickly loses its novelty the more you’re exposed to it. Even the most frightening escape rooms in the business use the same reasoning to hide their horrors. If you’re worried about the scares that await you, remember that once you’ve survived the first one, the others will be a stroll in the park. By the conclusion of the game, you’ll be looking forward to each new horror that appears!

  5. Build up your mental fortitude

    Today’s escape rooms are more immersive than ever before. Even if you find yourself in an extraordinarily lifelike simulation, remember that it’s still just that: a simulation! Puzzles, codes, clues, and concealed items are used in escape rooms to put your talents to the test. The terrifying aspect is merely a component of the escape room’s horror concept. No matter how horrifying something may seem, always remember that you’re completely secure and the frightening monsters hiding within the shadows are only actors.

  6. Dress down

    If you’re in a horror escape room, there’s a good chance you’ll come across a situation where you’ll need to crawl or flee. Comfortable shoes, especially with closed toes, are required. We recommend any shoes you’d wear to the gym. Wear clothing you don’t mind getting soiled with fake blood or other horrific fluids.

  7. Keep your hands to yourself

    Some people that are frightened instinctively go on the attack once startled. However, avoid throwing anything at the monsters that reach out to you or start a melee with a barrage of fists.

    Remember, they’re just like you and this is their job. If you’re afraid, that means they’re excellent at it! It’s preferable to acquiesce if an actor is attempting to divide the group.

Test Your Courage at Paranoia Quest

Are you ready to clench your teeth and brave some of the most horrific puzzles Atlanta has to offer? Then Paranoia Quest’s horror escape room is the place to be.

To escape the darkness of one of our professional escape rooms in Georgia, you’ll need to utilize sharp observation skills, problem-solving abilities, and collaboration to tackle the mysteries that shroud themselves in shadows. To test your courage, contact us today!

What are the Most Common Types of Escape Room Puzzles?

How many of the most frequent types of escape rooms are you familiar with? Escape rooms are intended to be entertaining yet complex. But don’t worry, they’re possible to complete with a little deductive reasoning and a sense of adventure. Most escape rooms have a variety of puzzles that all relate to the general subject of the game and work together to unlock new parts of the room and finally lead to the game’s finale: the great escape!

While themes vary greatly — from zombie apocalypses, secret missions, murder mysteries, and so on — many escape room puzzles share common solutions. This article will teach you how to solve the most common escape room puzzles and what to look for when planning your escape.

Common Escape Room Puzzles That Will Put Your Skills to the Test

Getting ready for your first lock and key escape room can be both thrilling and intimidating. You know there will be puzzles to complete and secrets to locate, but do you know what the typical escape room puzzles are and how to solve them?

Here are some escape room puzzles examples that you may encounter:

  • Physical Puzzles

    Physical puzzles, such as moving magnetic items, untying knots, or completing a pictorial puzzle, are readily found in most escape rooms. These are typically obvious and not concealed, but the answer may be that you must do tasks in a specific, logical order, such as following a numerical sequence. It’s rare to find an escape room that doesn’t rely on some type of physical puzzle.

  • Hidden Items

    Finding concealed clues or objects within the room is one of the most common escape room puzzles If you’re in an escape room, you’ll almost certainly have to search for at least one object of some sort. Most likely, it will be an object that will help you continue through the story by solving one of the various escape room locks. This item might be a key hidden on top of a bookcase or a piece of paper with an escape room code tucked away between the pages of a book.

    Hidden items can be anything — it all depends on the game designers. Some designers may include a sentence buried within another phrase painted on a wall or in a photo frame. Other designers might place the item in an easily overlooked spot, like a jacket pocket or in a drawer. Of course, after you’ve located the object, you’ll almost always need to combine it with another puzzle in the room.

    Pro-tip: Unless your escape room instructs you otherwise, tug on all of the paintings. Who knows what may be concealed back there! A code written in invisible ink, a vault, clues written on the reverse side of the photo, or a cubbyhole with further hints may all be found behind what may seem like regular decor.

  • Lights and Sound

    Light and sound might also help you navigate through the complex mysteries of an escape room. With the proper lighting and auditory cues, such as Morse code, messages may be carefully concealed but will be necessary to guide you through the event. Depending on the theme of the room you’re in, songs (and particularly song lyrics) might be an essential part of deciphering escape room codes

    One of the most common escape room puzzle tools is a blacklight. By using blacklight, you may reveal hidden messages. One of the most typical methods found in early escape rooms is a blacklight concealed somewhere in the room in a lockable box or cabinet, allowing players to search the walls and furniture for an “escape the room” code written in blacklight ink.

    You may even find yourself in a room where the organizers have covered a whole wall with blacklight paint and as a player, you have to activate a blacklight fixture to illuminate the entire room.

  • Logic Puzzles

    Logic puzzles never fail to elicit quick interest and delight. It’s a guarantee that a designer will include one or more of these types of puzzles in each escape room.  Even if you don’t notice them right away, some game designers will add these puzzles to get the game started and get people’s thoughts going. So, as evident as some of the escape room logic riddles are, you don’t want to be one of those people who frequently ignore them!

    It’s critical to carefully inspect every nook and cranny of the room and map out all options for the numerous objects you uncover while playing the game. In terms of logic, one of the common escape room puzzles you’ll have to decipher is a combination lock.

    Four-digit combination locks, five-letter word locks, and directional locks are all popular in escape rooms. These locks do an excellent job of establishing more variation in the locks while preventing the situation when players are unsure which lock their code should go with.

    Pro-tip: when it comes to 5-letter word locks, some game designers will choose a word aligned with the room’s theme, which can lead to players trying to guess the correct word. However, some room designers who want to ramp up the difficulty will avoid this, as it’s preferable to choose a less obvious word.

Test Your Skills at Paranoia Quest

Are you ready to flex your mental muscles and take on some of the most devious types of puzzles in escape rooms Georgia has to offer? Then make your way to Paranoia Quest!

To get out of one of our professional escape rooms in Atlanta, you’ll need to use keen observation skills, problem-solving abilities, and effective communication to solve our more common escape room puzzles as well as our more difficult and unique ones, all while making sure to beat the clock. Contact us today to start your adventure!

7 of the Most Adventurous Things to Do in Georgia

If you love exciting adventures, Georgia has you covered. The incredible diversity of Georgia’s nature and the countless activities in the city of Atlanta offer endless adventures and memories that’ll stay with you forever.

But because there are so many adventurous things to do in Georgia, how do you know which ones are worth your time?

To help you get started on your next escapade, let’s look at some of the best adventure activities guaranteed to provide a fun experience.

  1. Hike Stone Mountain

    If you want a fun outdoor activity that’s just outside of Atlanta, opt for the one-mile trail to the top of Stone Mountain. At the top of this short hike, you’ll get to enjoy a stunning view of the Atlanta skyline and rolling landscapes of Georgia.

    Keep in mind that while the hike is relatively short, it can get pretty steep on some stretches, so be prepared for a challenge. Nonetheless, it’s one of the most popular items on the “adventure things to do list” in the area for a reason — the views are breathtaking and the journey alone is an exciting experience.

  2. Complete the Georgia 4,000 Challenge

    The state of Georgia has a famous challenge that’s become a favorite among both locals and visitors called the “Georgia 4,000 Challenge.” The rules are simple: if you climb all 32 peaks in the state and track your progress, you’ll receive an honorary badge as a commemoration for all 32 grueling challenges you were able to complete.

    But even more importantly, you’ll get to experience the beautiful sights and unique experiences of climbing all 32 peaks in Georgia, totaling 4,000 feet in elevation. Achieving such a hefty goal is surely one of the most fun, adventurous things to do not just in Georgia but in the entire country.

  3. Conquer the Benton MacKaye Trail

    The Benton Mackaye trail is considered the hidden gem of Georgia and surrounding states, perfect for those who simply love any kind of

    adventure stuff and hiking through the untouched parts of nature.

    The Benton MacKaye Trail runs through Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee, stretching more than 300 miles and revealing some of the most beautiful nature all three states have to offer. Depending on your availability, you can explore the trail little by little or knock out the whole thing as a single thru-hiking journey — making it one of the most adventurous things to do for hardcore hikers.

  4. Go Paddle Boarding Through the Rivers

    The Chattooga and Altamaha rivers are famous for their amazing paddle boarding, making them perfect for anyone who loves activities and adventures in the water. You’ll not only enjoy the beautiful scenery, but you’ll also have your skills tested as you go through some of the rougher patches in both rivers. If you go through the Okefenokee Wildlife Refuge, be prepared to discover amazingly diverse animal life, including a healthy population of alligators.

  5. Find a Way Out from an Escape Room

    There’s a reason escape rooms are becoming more popular every year. They’re not just a fun activity to do with friends but also one of the more exciting adventuresyou can have indoors, especially if you find an escape room that’s well-crafted and immersive.

    Paranoia Quest features a range of unique escape rooms in Atlanta, designed for various experience levels, creating fun and challenging scenarios for a deeper bonding experience.

  6. Experience Skydiving

    If you’re looking for an adrenaline high, adventure activities don’t get more extreme than skydiving. But few actually end up following through, as the fear of soaring from 14,000 feet in the air can make anyone’s heart skip a beat.

    The good news is that if you go for tandem skydiving, you don’t need to take a lengthy training course and can safely jump in tandem with an experienced instructor. So, while this might be one of the most adventurous things to do in Georgia (or anywhere else for that matter), it’s entirely safe and allows you to experience one of life’s biggest thrills.

  7. Explore Atlanta in a Helicopter

    If you’re looking for fun adventurous activities in the sky, no other activity can provide as much excitement as a thrilling helicopter tour for a birds-eye view of Atlanta.

    You can take to the skies and see the famous Atlanta sights such as the skyline, Battery Park, Dobbins Air Reserve Base, and more from an aerial perspective that will completely change how you experience this bustling city.

Bottom Line

Opting for adventurous things to do can create life-long memories for you and your loved ones. Whether it’s hiking, climbing a mountain, or soaring in the skies, anyone can find the perfect adventure in Georgia.

At Paranoia Quest, we specialize in creating unforgettable escape room adventures for you and your friends. Book an escape room in Atlanta today and find out for yourself just how much fun it can be!

Experience Gift Ideas: Perfect Presents for Adventure-Lovers

Finding the perfect gift for important people in your life isn’t always easy. So ditch the DIY presents and online gift cards, and go for an experience gift instead! Objects can never match the memories experience gifts can offer.

With an experience gift, you can encourage someone to try something new or offer them a new way to enjoy something they already love.

But how can you find the right experience gift? Everyone is unique, so let’s look through some of the best experience gift ideas depending on the type of person you’re shopping for.

For the Nature Lover: Lake Tugaloo Seakayaking

If you’re looking for the best experience gifts for someone who loves nature, you can’t go wrong with a Lake Tugaloo Seakayaking adventure.

It’s an exciting and immersive way to discover nature in South Carolina, just a short hop from Georgia. The water is relatively calm so that the experience won’t be stressful for less experienced kayakers, and it’s sure to provide plenty of great memories. Your loved one will not only learn how to paddle through the waters safely but will also get to enjoy the beautiful scenery and learn about Lake Tugaloo’s history and wildlife.

For the Water Sports Nut: Lake Lanier Flyboarding

Flyboarding is one of the most unforgettable and best experience birthday gifts you can give a water sports fanatic. Soaring in the air above the water on a jet board, Lake Lanier Flyboarding is the perfect experience gift for water thrillseekers and a wild experience your loved one won’t soon forget.

For the Amateur Detective: Paranoia Quest’s Escape Rooms

If you need good experience gifts for someone who loves solving riddles and collecting clues, an escape room is a perfect option. It’s also one of the best gift experiences for couples, as they can solve the challenge of escaping together, which can be even more rewarding than doing it yourself and bring you closer together.

When you choose one of the immersive escape rooms offered by Paranoia Quest, you can make an entire day of it, going through the experience with friends and seeing who can solve the room’s clues the fastest. So whether you’re looking for experience gifts for a boyfriend, girlfriend, family member, or friend — book an escape room for a truly unforgettable bonding experience.

For the Speed Demon: Bull Ring Ridealong

If the person you’re celebrating loves cars and racing, you can’t go wrong with an experience gift that will put them in a 400-plus horsepower car going more than 170 miles per hour.

As far as experience gift ideas go, this might be one of the more extreme options. But it can be the perfect gift for someone who’s always dreamed of feeling the roar of a V8 engine as they speed along the race track.

For the Gamer: VR Gaming for Adults

Virtual Reality gaming is on the rise, with people of all ages discovering the unique experience of being transported into a new world. If you have someone in your life who’s into gaming but hasn’t yet tried Virtual Reality, this might be the experience gift that will make their year.

There are lots of Atlanta experience gifts that provide a full VR experience, including a wide range of games and a guide to walk you through the process to ensure you get the most out of your VR experience.

For the History Buff: Museum Tour

Georgia is home to some of the best museums in the country, so why not take advantage of local history and provide an immersive way to learn about something they love?

Whether it’s going to the Fernbank Museum of Natural History, the High Museum, or the Booth Western Art Museum, all of these can be great experience gift ideas for her or for him.

For the Foodie: Private Cooking Class

If you’re shopping for someone who loves good food and trying out new cuisines, few experience gifts could be better than a private cooking class from a renowned chef. Your loved one can either try their hand at a completely new cuisine or work with an expert chef who can teach them to make world-class versions of their favorite dishes.

Experiences to give as gifts are great because they help people discover something new, and cooking classes can help your loved ones discover something they might use for the rest of their lives.

For the Adrenaline Junkie: Skydiving

Skydiving is something most people can’t imagine doing but secretly wish they could experience. Because of this, make sure your loved one is ready to take on this exhilarating challenge before purchasing this type of experience gift.

The thrill of falling from 14,000 feet at 120 MPH is impossible to put into words. Guided by a professional instructor, the experience is completely safe, and your loved one can enjoy the thrill without having to worry about the details.

Bottom Line

While experience gifts might not last as long as a physical gift, the memories they create can last a lifetime. If you’re looking for experience gift ideas that are fun and suitable for all ages, check out the selection of escape rooms available at Paranoia Quest. Find the perfect escape room in Atlanta today!