For companies that require their employees to develop more team building skills, Paranoia Quest escape room at The Mall Of Georgia is exactly where they need to be. This unique concept by our team of experts at Paranoia Quest helps individuals work as team in a creative, entertaining yet effective way. Our Escape Rooms are perfect for employees, students and other individuals who intend to make any occasion a memorable event. The idea behind these Escape Rooms is to provide an environment in which participants work as a team rather than individuals to find their way out of a given situation. Our dynamic yet captivating approach helps participants learn as well as retain their skills in team work.

Entertaining And Educational:

  • We are supported by a committed team of members who ensure that all the Escape Room events are organized to offer the most thrilling and adventurous time to the participants. Two or more participants can take part in an Escape Room event at a time. We are fully equipped to provide the right knowledge and skills to the participants for learning proper team work. Good communication, strong observation power and problem-solving skills are required for the participants to get out of the situation they face in the Escape Room.

Ideal For Corporate Employees:

  • It is not always possible for Corporate Employees to work as a team in the office environment. Work environment comes with its own pressure of deadlines and time management. However, an Escape Room event can help the employees not only to take a break from the monotony of work life, but can also provide essential team work abilities that can prove useful in their professional life. Participants can learn to collaborate with each other without stress, and solve a problem by thinking differently. This engaging yet fun event also reinforces time management and conflict resolution skills in participants, which can be used later on in office environment.

A Good Way To Spend The Date Night:

  • It is not always possible for couples to display affection the same way in every date night, especially if the couple has been together for a long time. But Escape Room can make it a fun date night Mall of Georgia by adding excitement and adventure. Couples can also bring in close friends to participate in the event to get things rolling- the more is the merrier! In the escape room Mall of Georgia, adventure enthusiasts try escaping from prison, finding ancient Aztec treasures, or try our state of the art Virtual Reality adventures.

Best Choice For Celebrating Any Occasion:

  • Escape Room adventures are not just limited to date nights or corporate employees; it is also a great way to celebrate birthdays, graduation, holiday party and church field trip Mall of Georgia. No matter what the occasion, a visit to the Escape Room will make it an unforgettable one. At Paranoia Quest: Escape the Room we make sure that birthdays or any other occasion is celebrated in the most unique and fun way!

Virtual Reality At Its Best:

  • We aim at giving our guests the best virtual reality experience through a wide array of adventures, be it mysterious, historical, or simply a dangerous situation that demands the participants to come up with a plan to get out of the room as soon as possible! With adrenalin rushing, it can get tough to make the mind work, which is why Escape Room is all about effective team work. We also provide an Igniting Team Performance Session to guide the participants find their way out of challenging situations, and help them discover more about the personality and behavioral styles of the fellow participants.

So, opting for our Paranoia Quest: Escape the Room can prove helpful for office employees, families, couples, students, church members, etc. as it will help them learn more about others and find a way to connect and communicate with them in an improved manner. Our Escape Rooms are available in Buford (Mall of Georgia) and Atlanta, and we are open every day. Come to us to organize any event or occasion- from corporate events to summer parties, from birthday parties to graduation parties, and from church field trips to date nights! We will make sure that our challenging adventures bring out the best in our participants!