Girls Night Ideas That Are a Guaranteed Good Time

It’s time to get the girls together again, and finally, the calendars have aligned. There’s nothing more therapeutic than a debriefing, venting, and laughter-filled girl’s night over an activity-filled evening paired with good food and drinks.

Sounds like something you all need, but wondering what to do together? It’s time to get dressed up, put some lipstick on, and show up for any of the following easy-to-arrange girl’s night ideas. 

1. Escape Rooms

Tired of the same old routines? Then this is one of those girls night activities you’ll appreciate. Escape from the same old same old with a fun and engaging experience solving a murder mystery or witch hunt to secure your freedom. Escape Rooms’ girls night games are a great way to make the night special and memorable for years to come, and you can even use them to add a unique twist to special celebrations like your friends’ bachelorette parties.

2. A Tasting Party

Who says you have to travel to wine country to get cultured? You can do it from the comfort of your home with your friends. Every girl loves chocolate and wine, so why not sample some of them together? Tastings are the crowd-pleasers of ladies’ night ideas, and they don’t have to be limited to the usual. You can all use your imagination and come up with things you’ll all enjoy and have fun sampling together.

3. Take a Yoga Class

If you find that you never have free time to do things together over the weekend, a yoga sesh could be just the thing to get you all in the same room. This is one of those ideas for a girls night that can be done any day of the week, yet is still an ideal environment for connecting. It’s also a great way to get those fitness resolutions done, as you’ll have the encouragement of the group to keep you going.

4. Pole-Dancing

Speaking of group fitness, pole dancing is right up there in getting you moving and the muscles aching the next day. But that’s not the best part. Pole dancing is an empowering activity as it helps you reconnect with your sensuality. There’s nothing better than getting your groove on with your girlfriends there to cheer you on.

5. Paint and Sip

Wine and “fun girl night ideas” are almost synonymous and even better when you add some art-making to the picture. A guided sip and paint group class is a good idea for beginners and keeps you on track so that you don’t get too wrapped up in the conversation to finish your painting!

6. Themed Dinners

Special-themed dinners in your city are great girls night ideas. You could go for a dinner in the dark event, or even dinner under the stars. Even something as simple as a Mexican-themed dinner event is bound to be fun, especially if you have the conversation to provide the perfect complement.

7. Cocktail-Making Class

We all have our go-to cocktails—martinis, anyone?— so why not put this on the list of lady night out ideas. A cocktail-making class will show you what makes your favorite drink pop so you can successfully recreate it on the next girl’s night in.

8. Indoor Photoshoots

Glam up and bring out your phones—you’re about to capture memories that you will one day look back at with nostalgia. Go beyond the traditional photoshoots and take advantage of apps like TikTok and Instagram to shoot fun and goofy clips. Girl’s night ideas like these are fun, bonding, and easy to do.

9. Movie Nights

Sometimes you just don’t feel like girl’s night games or going out on the town. That’s why movie night is a classic. Hold a themed chick-flick viewing party and let everyone contribute their ideas for what to watch. Hold a vote to settle on the films of the night, then get your popcorn and wine ready.

10. Take a Cooking Class

Whether it’s a birthday party, a bridal shower, or just a get-together, food always goes hand-in-hand with a good celebration. That’s why a cooking class is always a winner. You can learn how to make pasta like an Italian or be transported all the way to Japan in a sushi-making class: There’s a whole world of things you can learn how to cook. 

11. Make Your Own Pottery

Visit a pottery studio to get your hands dirty as you chat away the evening with each other. Even better, you get to make treasured pieces of art that you can take home and use. 

12. See a Show

A Broadway or off-Broadway show is always an entertaining plan for the night, so look up the events calendar to find out what’s showing in theaters near you.

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