10 Fun and Easy Morale-Boosting Games for the Office

Even a successful team needs a boost sometimes. Looming deadlines, process changes, and employee turnover can impact even the happiest group of employees. Businesses wondering how to boost morale in the office usually try things like offering free lunch or conducting one-on-one meetings. While 74% of US employees feel that company culture is a huge factor in job satisfaction, only 36% feel engaged at work. That’s why it’s more important than ever to consider boosting employee spirits with team bonding experiences.

Building trust and engagement in an office takes time, but games can speed up the process. Games and competitions give everyone a chance to collaborate using their unique skill sets and learn to join forces to problem solve, all while having fun together. While many offices have tried-and-true traditions like happy hours, on-site exercise classes, and office parties, morale-boosting games can be a welcome change to the traditional approach. Innovative morale-building ideas can pull people out of their typical routines and help your employees engage with each other in new and exciting ways, leading to better office engagement. It’s important to choose an activity that’s fun and new, yet not too challenging. Selecting games at work to boost morale that gets everyone excited is tough, which is why we’ve put together the helpful list below that includes something for everyone.

10 Ideas For Boosting Office Moral

Problem-solving scenarios can help uncover hidden skill sets and encourage collaboration. These employee morale boosting ideas give both introverted and extroverted team members an opportunity to unite towards a common goal and connect in a new way.

1. Scavenger hunts

A scavenger hunt in or outside the office is one of our favorite office morale booster ideas. A scavenger hunt brings people together to solve a simple problem while they learn more about each other. Split employees into strategic teams. This ensures that employees have a chance to connect with someone new and different from their usual in-office crowd. You can also separate teams by office department to deepen current connections.

2. Picture guessing games

Try baby pictures and other photo guessing work games to boost morale. These activities are a great way to figure out how closely your team is paying attention to details. It also gives employees a chance to share a little more about themselves and share fond memories together.

3. Escape rooms

An escape room offers a chance to solve urgent problems and work together while having a great time. Escape rooms can raise morale at work by putting a different kind of pressure on people than they experience in the office. This can lead to a freer exchange of ideas and may indicate new emerging office leaders. Choose an escape room that fits the interests and passions of your employees for maximum impact. Popular escape room options include:

  • Jailbreak
  • Zombie or ghost chase
  • Sci-fi escapes
  • Solving a murder mystery
  • Magical escapes, like concocting a potion together
  • Defusing a bomb
  • Detective work

High-pressure scenarios can be your employees’ morale booster by increasing adrenalin. The happy chemicals and trust built from solving problems in high-risk situations are similar to the deep connection that members of the military, police, firefighting, and ER teams build on the job. 

4. Sports games

Morale building games that involve teams like kickball, softball, and basketball can create a serotonin lift while boosting office morale. It can also give you a sense of the moral of the team. However, choose these activities carefully, since not all team members will have the same fitness level or be excited about playing sports.

5. Axe throwing

This activity speeds up your pulse while enhancing focus and fun. Axe throwing is one of our favorite employee morale ideas, pulling people out of the office and into an experience that is thrilling and new! Competitive scenarios inspire employees to excel together and can also be a powerful motivator.

6. Trivia night

Trivia nights aren’t just for after work, they’re great workplace games to boost morale. Create your own workplace trivia games specific to your company’s services or even facts about your team members to raise morale at work. You can also enhance team-building with general trivia off-site for a fun night out that will help build better team spirit.

7. Cooking competitions

A cooking competition is another fun and uplifting game for the office, no matter what level of chef your employees are! Try hosting a pie-off at Thanksgiving or a pizza-making class with prizes for the best slice. This activity helps with building office morale by encouraging employees to let loose and get creative, and rewarding them with delicious treats afterwards.

8. Building competitions

Construction with Legos or building blocks is another competitive game. Try creating the tallest tower or duplicating a Lego model during a set period of time. If you’re wondering how to raise employee morale, this game gives your team a chance to work together on a fun and quick project. Building games can deepen existing relationships or start new ones for better future cooperation at work. Creative games raise employee morale by encouraging employees to experiment and play with other team members in an authentic and easygoing way.

9. Dance games

Impromptu dance parties, dance charades, or musical chairs give team members a chance to perform and show their ability to give and follow directions. These games also give office performers a chance to get recognized for their skills. However, as with opting for sports competitions, make sure all your employees feel comfortable with a dance competition.

10. Art games

These morale event ideas can spur more than creativity. Collaborative art projects can help employees push their boundaries together in a safe and comfortable way. The easy process gives anyone a chance to make something beautiful while lowering their guard, making it easier to connect with colleagues. As you search for the perfect game, remember that the best morale-boosting games are simple and show employees that they are important to you. It’s a good idea to select a handful of ideas then poll your team to see which idea is their favorite. Paranoia Quest offers incredible experiences that make raising employee morale fun and easy. Contact us to learn more today. Check team building atlanta for more information!