Impress Your Corporate Guests With Escape Room Atlanta

Treat Your Corporate Guests to Something New With An Escape Room Atlanta

Offices seem to shudder at the thought of corporate guests entering the building. The sense of urgency and anticipation creep through every cubicle. Chatter spreads like wildfire. While everyone stays on top of their tasks, your job is quite easy – make sure everything runs smoothly once they arrive.  

The meeting has ended and they’re feeling of impressed. Your job is then to extend another opportunity to extend their pleasant stay with a unique experience. One that’ll leave a lasting impression. Most business professionals resort to simple wining and dining. Well you’re not like most business professionals are you? Paranoia Quest suggests a better idea. How about an Escape Room AtlantaRead more

Get Out from the Computer and Into an Escape Room in Duluth

An Escape Room in Duluth Could Be Your Answer to Your Team Building Event

In this technological world, it’s hard to not be in front of a computer on a daily basis. We rely on computers for information, communication and as a social outlet. Starring at a computer screen for a certain amount of time is not good for eyesight and your back. Sure taking breaks helps, but after a while teams can become drained. That can make it difficult for teams to effectively communicate and get things done. This is when executives and companies turn to corporate team building. How can you get your teams out from their computers? With something exciting and new like an Escape Room in Duluth! Read more

Taming the Zombie Apocalypse in Your Boardroom

Come to Grips by Escaping a Zombie Apocalypse

Work can get the best of us sometimes. When under new leadership or in the midst of a massive project, tension can build in the workplace. While this may be no one’s fault, it’s not to be ignored. The winter blues mixed workplace woes can get everyone a little stressed out—a bit zombie-like. By taking a trip down to an escape room in Atlanta, you can tame a zombie apocalypse while strengthening your team. Read more