Escape Room Atlanta’s Insider Tips for a Winning Escape

The Keys to a Successful Escape Room Atlanta Quest

Escape rooms provide can’t-miss experiences. Now that you’ve rounded up your closest buddies, workmates or partner, the time has come for you to conquer an escape room. Whether this is your first go-around or just one of many trips, you’ll want to make this one count by putting forth your all to make your quest a successful one. With challenging puzzles and heart-pounding moments, not every escape attempt is a successful one at Paranoia Quest, an escape room Atlanta. Are you looking for some pointers to escape the room? Stay tuned for some insider tips.

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Changing Up Your Team Building Event with an Escape Room in Lawrenceville

Switching Things Up with an Escape Room in Lawrenceville

The workplace is always a place of interacting and teaming up with your coworkers. Whether it is for a project, presentation or a client meeting, there’s always that connection and reliance on one another. Sometimes that can be quite the repetitive routine. That’s where companies like to throw in team building exercises to boost morale and get everyone back into the swing of things. However, personality tests, question sessions and cheesy games are not always the best answer. Why not escape the norm and change up your team building even with an Escape Room in Lawrenceville. Read more

New Escape Room Buford, Wonderland, Arrives at Paranoia Quest

Wonderland Offers New Escape Room Buford Fantasy Adventure

Fantasy always sparks some fun and exciting times no matter what age. We all have a desire to be imaginative and let our minds wander.  How can you change up the typical fantasy book, movie or game night experience? When Wonderland arrives in Buford, the answer becomes easy. Come, follow this rabbit into a world of curiosity and whimsical abnormalities ― our new escape room Buford, Wonderland.

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Planning a Great Game Night with an Escape Room in Suwanee

An Escape Room in Suwanee For Your Game Night

Game nights are meant for spending time with friends, family and having a memorable night. However, after a while the games you have at home may become repetitive. We found eight ways for families and friends to spice up the night. However, planning a great game night with an Escape Room in Suwanee would be the ultimate game-changer. Let Paranoia Quest give you a whole new meaning to game night. Read more

Make Your Girl’s Night A Great Escape In Buford

Find Your Great Escape In Buford At An Escape Room

Let’s face it: We all need an escape from our routines. Though a tropical cruise or a European getaway are trips dreams are made of, you can find an escape right here in Buford. An escape room is the ideal centerpiece of the perfect girl’s night. If you and your girlfriends are one of the lucky few who escapes the room, you’ll find that there are plenty of options to cap off your night for a great escape in Buford, GA.

Activities For After Escaping The Room

It’s time to finally get that great escape in Buford. If you and your friends can pull together enough wit and creativity to escape the room, here are just a few fun things that you can do after the escape room in and around the Buford area:

  • Hang out at the Mall of GeorgiaThe Mall of Georgia is open until 9 p.m., and you’ll find plenty to do while you’re there. If you need to get some shopping done, you’ll find everything you need at stores such as Abercrombie & Fitch, H&M, PacSun, Pottery Barn, Sephora and more. There’s also plenty of places to grab a snack or sit down and eat, including the Bourbon St. Cafe, Farmer’s Basket, Great Wraps Grill, Sarku Japan, Gelateria Italiana & Gourmet and much more. The Mall of Georgia is also a great spot to hang out at before or after you take part in an escape room at Paranoia Quest.
  • Go to a Salon – If you’ve got a big night out planned at Paranoia Quest’s escape rooms, then take the girls to a salon to get your hair and nails done after. We say after because, if you get your nails done before, you’ll bite them right off when escaping the room. You’ll find plenty of salon options at the Mall of Georgia, including Avia Nails, Princeton Salon, Regis Hairstylists and Total Health Massage.
  • Go See a Movie – If you want to go see a movie, then look no further than the Regal Cinemas, which boasts an IMAX screen and which is conveniently located in the Mall of Georgia. For some great preparation and training for your escape room, see a horror or suspense movie to see how they react when in tense situations.
  • Have a Few Drinks – There are a number of bars in Buford worth checking out after your escape room. Head over to the Tannery Row Ale House if you’re in the mood for some wine. If you’d rather sample a few cocktails, head over to the Parma Tavern. There’s also 37 Main, which is known for its live music if you’re in for a little bit of dancing. If you’re hanging out at the Mall of Georgia, then there’s no reason to leave for drinks since you can grab a few beers at Marlow’s Tavern.
  • Sing Some Karaoke – After visiting an escape room, you will have already seen each other in out-of-element situations. At a karaoke bar, everyone is out of their element, and that’s what we love about them. Want to spend the night singing your favorite songs with your best friends? Head over to the Karaoke Melody bar. Not only is there a great selection of songs to choose from, but the beverage menu is incredibly varied. Besides the typical liquors and beers, you can also enjoy soju, sake and even jello shots! The Pimenton Parrilla & Bar also offers karaoke.

Book At Paranoia Quest Today For A Great Escape In Buford

If you and your girlfriends are in need of a great escape in Buford, you won’t have much trouble finding it. One especially unique thing to do is to book an escape room at Paranoia Quest. Booking a time slot in one of our escape rooms can be a memorable cornerstone for a fantastic night out. Escape rooms are a blast, especially for birthday parties, and there are many themes to choose from. Visit us at Paranoia Quest at the Mall of Georgia to book an escape room today.

Rock a Bachelor Party at an Escape Room in Sugar Hill

The Ultimate Send-Off: An Escape Room in Sugar Hill

So, you’ve been chosen to be his best man. It’s a huge honor every guy dream of being someday but, as we learned from a certain friendly neighborhood superhero, with great power comes great responsibility. You have the honor of prepping and delivering the speech of a lifetime, but you’ve also been given the responsibility of throwing a night to remember—his last as a bachelor. You have to come through with planning, but don’t worry, we’re here to help. Booking an escape room in Sugar Hill will make for the ultimate bachelor party. It’s the best final outing before putting on that tux and exchanging rings. Read more