Escape Room Atlanta Tips on Not Losing Your Head During the Holiday Season

We all love our family, but sometimes being around them during the holidays is stressful. Thanksgiving is here, and then the busy holiday season kicks off with Black Friday. For most families, that means seeing a lot of each other. The unnecessary stress from the holidays tends to bring out the worst in people. Even when you have the best intentions, Thanksgiving dinner or Christmas morning can get awkward. Escape Room Atlanta has few ways you can alleviate the tension.

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Skip the Black Friday Rush by Giving an Escape Room Gift Experience

The end of this week marks one of the most exciting, terrifying and foolish «holidays» we as a people celebrate, Black Friday. Starting Thanksgiving afternoon and running through until the end of the day Monday (remember Cyber Monday for online shopping is a thing now), the entire country will become obsessed with finding the best discounts on the Christmas presents they wish to buy for their loved ones. This year, avoid the rush and getting trampled at Walmart; give the gift of an escape room game from Paranoia Quest!

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