Planning the Ultimate Escape Room Birthday

If you are planning a birthday party for anyone this year, chances are you want to avoid the same old, same old. No one is impressed by the “cake and ice cream” song and dance anymore; birthday parties need a major refresh, and the party you plan this year could be the start of a birthday revolution. How? This year, try out an ultimate escape room birthday party with the escape rooms at Paranoia Quest! Read more

Breaking the Norm: Exciting Things to Do in Buckhead

The phrase “ exciting things to do in Buckhead ” brings to mind one thing, generally – drinking and clubbing. That can be fun for the single twenty-somethings, but for everyone else the prospect of loud, thumping House music and crowded, sweaty, dark club scenes just doesn’t have much appeal. Buckhead is still a great place to have fun, even without the drinking and dancing. There are plenty of shops, restaurants and unique experiences like the ones you’ll find at Paranoia Quest! Read more

Make an Escape for Your Church Field Trip In Sugar Hill

Church youth groups are always looking for new ways to keep young people excited and engaged. As a youth group leader, you’ve probably already figured out that this isn’t the 1950’s anymore; no one has any interest in rollerskating, going to the sock hop or taking in a matinee. Today’s youth, especially teenagers, are about as jaded as they come, so you really need a good idea to get them excited for involvement. Paranoia Quest’s escape rooms make the perfect church field trip in Sugar Hill. Read more