5 Reasons to Make Your Game Night at an Escape Room Atlanta

Switch Up Your Game Night at an Escape Room Atlanta

It’s time to roll the dice. Game night is supposed to be a break from routine, but when game night looks and feels the same time after time, maybe it’s time to change venue. Get into the game like never before by taking on an escape the room. Give your competitive side an outlet to shine at Paranoia Quest, an escape room Atlanta.

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With A New Year Ahead, How Can I Plan a Wedding Proposal At An Escape Room Near Me?

Getting Creative: Escape Room Near Me Proposal Ideas

With the winter holidays behind us, cuffing season is in full swing. Couples are taking advantage of the cold weather by staying in and enjoying each other’s company to the tune of Netflix, Hulu and whatever other binge-worthy content they can find. These irreplaceable, intimate moments usually lead to an influx of proposals—yes, that’s why your timeline is suddenly spiking with proposal photos. You might be sitting there thinking that every proposal idea under the sun has been executed, but an escape room near me has a few tips that might get your creative gears spinning before you pop the question.

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Family In Town? Keep The Cousins Busy With An Escape Room In Atlanta Adventure

Paranoia Quest is Spend The Holidays At An Escape Room In Atlanta

‘Tis the season for some quality family time! But when your extended family from out of town is stuck twiddling their thumbs with a little too much free time on their hands this time of year, it’s time to start exploring things to do in Atlanta to keep your family occupied. For some families, free time can easily turn into trouble when the cousins are in town, but we’ve got you covered this year. Keep your restless, adventurous and visiting family occupied this holiday season by taking a trip down to Paranoia Quest, an escape room in Atlanta.

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How To Plan An ‘Out of The Box’ Corporate Holiday Party At An Escape Room Near Me

An Escape Room Near Me: The Best Holiday Party Venue

For 12 months of the year, our busy lives seem to get the best of us. The daily grind of putting in a hard day’s of work week after week can become monotonous, but we thankfully have the holiday season to cap off the year with excitement, some well-deserved time off and reasons for celebration. Many corporations use this time to treat their employees to a memorable holiday party, but even those can get monotonous year after year. If you’re in the midst of planning a corporate holiday party, then an escape room near me is certainly the venue you’ve been looking for. It’s a venue that offers captivating activities while also being a breath of fresh air for your attendees.

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A Grad Party Everyone Will Attend With Escape the Room Atlanta

Celebrating a Milestone with Escape the Room Atlanta

Life changing events are always an exciting time. That is especially true when you reach a milestone in your academic career. The largest milestone of them all? Graduation! Whether graduating from high school, college, or grad school, it’s a time to celebrate! Here’s the thing: how can you change it up? At Paranoia Quest, it’s easy to have a unique grad party that everyone will remember with Escape the Room Atlanta. Read more