Paranoia Quest, Your Escape Room Atlanta, Shares Great Teen Gift Ideas for Black Friday

Struggling With Teen Gift Ideas? Our Escape Room Atlanta Has Your Back

When they were kids, all it took was snagging the year’s hottest toy to consider the holidays a success. Now that you have teenagers, finding the perfect gift can be a bit more difficult. Staple presents of years past such as a copy of their favorite artist’s newest CD might not work in 2018 since streaming is so widely accessible. In that case, what gifts can you score on this Black Friday for your teenager? Paranoia Quest, which is an escape room Atlanta, has a few suggestions to help nudge you in the right direction this holiday season.

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Bad Gift, Did You Handle Yours with Pizzazz?

Well Christmas is past, but the memory of a bad gift still lingers.

Christmas morning and the family was gathered in heightened anticipation of the gifts about to be opened. Like Ralphie from A Christmas Story, you knew immediately that Aunt Martha’s gift was going to be a “pink bunny suit” or in your case, bright colored underwear that is undoubtedly two sizes too large.  All of us fall victim each year to at least once being the recipient of a bad gift. But as our parents say, “It’s not the gift but the thought that counts.” Of course that does not help much when you are the target of the worst of these gifts, the blindside bad gift. Read more