Learn the History of “Escape Room” Games

Have you heard the buzz lately about Escape Rooms? Escape Rooms are the latest craze right now for friends, coworkers, families, dates, birthday parties, and any other group looking for an exciting activity. With only 60 minutes to escape, you must work together against the clock to explore your room and get out on time. You’ll need to use logic, instinct, and some serious critical thinking to get out by finding secret passages, solving puzzles, cracking codes, and uncovering hidden clues. It’s seriously fun!

These live Escape Games have actually been around for over a decade but more recently are gaining mainstream popularity. They first started out as popular online video games, but were soon developed into real-life games. Japan was the first to bring these video games to real life, where they then spread across Asia and then to the United States. The rise in popularity has really exploded in the past two years. Escape Rooms offer an interactive and a new form of fun that people are not used to. People no longer want to sit and watch something happen, they want to do it- and Escape Rooms offer just that!

Paranoia Quest, Georgia’s premier Escape Rooms, is just a short drive from everyone in Sandy Springs, Lawrenceville, Cumming, and Atlanta. We offer exciting Escape Rooms, with themes ranging from a murder mystery to an all-out zombie apocalypse. You can book online, or call 678-828-4410 for reservations.

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Christmas morning and the family was gathered in heightened anticipation of the gifts about to be opened. Like Ralphie from A Christmas Story, you knew immediately that Aunt Martha’s gift was going to be a “pink bunny suit” or in your case, bright colored underwear that is undoubtedly two sizes too large.  All of us fall victim each year to at least once being the recipient of a bad gift. But as our parents say, “It’s not the gift but the thought that counts.” Of course that does not help much when you are the target of the worst of these gifts, the blindside bad gift. Read more

Team Building Skills: Which do you want?

Team Building Skills Are There For the Taking
For team building activities to be a success it is crucial to know what you want your team to gain from the exercise. Better communication, leadership development and creative inspiration are just a few of the team building skills to be gained by a team building exercise. Traditional methods for building a solid team are slowly going out the window. Successful team building requires a challenge and unfortunately the truth is many traditional, conference room activities don’t present these opportunities. What better way to tackle those concerns than to lock your team in a room together for an hour, relying on each other to escape? Read more

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