Inspiring your Non-Profit Team with an Escape Room

A lot goes into having a strong and successful team. In order to have a strong non-profit team, team members need to know how to create and achieve collaborative goals, work out issues, and respect each other. Success is dependent on the team and its people. Team building activities can bring people together from all departments of a non-profit organization. An escape room provides an opportunity for employees to learn more about other members of the team, such as their problem-solving skills, communication style, interests, etc., in a fun and exciting informal setting.Non-Profit Team Building

Challenges Faced by Non-Profit Teams:

  1. Inability to see the big picture
  2. Lack of shared goals, values or priorities
  3. No accountability or performance check
  4. Ineffective communication
  5. Differences are not understood or valued

With a good team building experience, a team can learn how to put the pieces of the team together to fit perfectly and work like a well-oiled machine. Placing your staff in an escape room with people they don’t normally interact with or people they see every day is a great way to jump start building you’re A team.

Benefits of Team Building with an Escape Room:

  • Gets everyone away from the stress of work.
  • Employees can relax and get to know each other.
  • Learn each other’s strengths and weaknesses and how to fill in when they need help.
  • Being locked in a room and faced with the challenge of getting out forces the team to set common goals, work together to achieve them, and respectfully create and bounce ideas off of each other.
  • Team members can grow more confident through small successes during the escape.
  • Team Building BufordConstant effective communication between team members is fostered in this kind of environment and encourages active listening.
  • The puzzle style game results in team celebration once it’s cracked and the team has escaped.
  • Camaraderie is built.
  • Benefits extended afterwards into the workplace – more innovation, happiness, communication and comfort.

Paranoia Quest Will Inspire Your Non-Profit Team

Paranoia Quest Escape the Room can enhance your team qualities and bring you closer together, whether you are in Atlanta or Buford, we are just a short distance away. Escape rooms are a less tradition form of team building, but probably one of the most effective. We know how important a strong team is to the success of your organization so call us today at (678) 828-4410 or book online to schedule your team building corporate event.

Benefits of Escape Room Games: Building Camaraderie

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TeamThink Can Mean Team Success

GroupThink a Term Not Used in Civilized Public
GroupThink spelled disaster for many companies of the 1970s. A term coined to explain the thought process of many corporate boardrooms; teamthink_groupthink_mrmomGroupThink actually was better termed “manager bullying”. Faced with an idea proposed by the highest ranking executive at the conference table, a group mentality often took over where everyone agreed (mostly out of fear of losing one’s job) with the boss whether the idea proposed was good or many times…bad. Even worse, if you were the creative, out-of-the-box thinker of the group you quickly found yourself shunned. Being the individual, out spoken group member could quickly get you labeled as “the trouble maker” or accused of “rocking the boat”.

But as times have changed both in society and the corporate world, so has the approach to business solutions. Team Building has become the rallying cry across many boardrooms with leaders not just embracing, but harnessing the individual, creative thinkers.

TeamThink, brings together the good part of GroupThink, the relationship building effort, to create a team where all ideas are welcome. TeamThink, a crucial part of team building, values each person’s opinion seeing that solutions can come from any source, possibly several sources, to reach the ultimate goal in a company project. But the challenge is how to maneuver past the dangerous pitfalls of GroupThink to encourage a team to function in the TeamThink mindset. To learn more about how a leader can build a TeamThink initiative Read More…

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At Paranoia Quest Escape the Room we offer exciting and fun opportunities to encourage TeamThink and enhance team building. Visit our Corporate Events Page to find out more.