Corporate Parties: Secrets to Success

With Thanksgiving come and gone and Christmas right around the corner, we are barreling toward an event that is every bit as reliable as St. Nick making his rounds on Christmas Eve: corporate parties. These holiday shindigs run the gamut from a snoozefest held in the office, with the only perk being white elephant gift exchanges and an open bar, to legendary outings at amazing destinations, like Google renting out Disneyland for a night of fun just for employees. So before you start hanging mistletoe over the secretary’s desk and making a run to the liquor store, consider doing something a little different this year; your employees work hard, so don’t they deserve a holiday party that truly says “thank you”? This year, plan your corporate parties at a place that is not only fun, but will bring your employees closer together – book an escape room at Paranoia Quest! Read more

Inspiring your marketing team with a Buford escape game

More than any other department, your marketing department needs to be working at 100 percent efficiency. If no one is getting the word out about your product or company, you aren’t making any money. Your marketing department tends to be made up creative people, and these people can often and easily get burnt out on coming up with new pitches, ideas and devices for making you and your company the money you need and deserve. So what can you do, as a business owner, to keep these people fresh, engaged and productive? Have you thought about inspiring your marketing team with a Buford escape game? Probably not. Maybe now is the time to consider some team building with an escape game from Paranoia Quest! Read more

Use team building to beat the summertime blues

The summer has officially begun and while the kids are off school and playing in the pool, you and your team are still reporting to the office every weekday. You’ve probably caught staff members staring longingly out the window, and you may have even been guilty of that yourself. So as the weather keeps getting nicer and everyone is wishing more and more they were outside instead of in front of a computer, you will need something to keep your team energized. Normal team building exercises are played out and lame, so what can you do to keep morale high while everyone only wants to be outside? The answer is easy: one of the escape games from Paranoia Quest is sure to re-energize your flagging team and give everyone a nice break from the mundane. Read more

College Bonding Through Escape Room Fun

College Awaits, Let’s Have Fun

High school goes by fast doesn’t it? One minute you’re worried about your algebra exam and the next minute you are walking up to shake hands and get your diploma. And then comes college, which is often the toughest time yet. You are forced to move into a new place to live with strangers, to make new friends and do things completely on your own. Breaking the ice can be tough, but one shared group activity has been shown to strengthen bonds and cement lifelong friendships – gathering the crew for an escape game at Paranoia Quest! Read more

Escape games for team building in Lawrenceville

During the hottest days July and August have to offer, it’s easy for your employees and co-workers to get that mid-summer fatigue. Look around your office now if you’re at work, or tomorrow morning if you are reading this at home. See the droopy eyes, the defeated, exhausted facial expressions? Yeah, that’s the mid-summer fatigue. What can you do to combat this naturally occurring workplace phenomenon? A trip to one of Paranoia Quest’s two locations will provide just the kind of team building in Lawrenceville your office needs to swat back those summertime blues! Read more

Team Building in Suwanee, Finding Your Perfect Team Leader

Are You Team Building in Suwanee?

It’s often said that people generally fall into one of two categories: leaders and followers. There is nothing wrong with either category; it is just human nature. Leaders are easy to pick out; they tend to be high-achieving, assertive individuals. Followers tend to be more on shy side and less likely to speak up. Now, take a break from reading and think about all the people in your workplace and leisure activities. There should be no problem identifying everyone you know as a member of either group. When it comes to team building in Suwanee however, there is no better way to observe who’s your perfect team leader than an escape room game from Paranoia Quest. Read more