Give A Birthday Gift of Adventure with an Escape Room in Dacula

An Escape the Birthday Norm with an Escape Room in Dacula

Friends and family play big roles in our lives. So when it comes to birthdays you want to show your loved ones how special they are to you. However, it’s always difficult to decide what is the prefect birthday gift. Here at Paranoia Quest, we’ve made your choices a little easier with some tips and an Escape Room in Dacula. Read more

New Escape Room Buford, Wonderland, Arrives at Paranoia Quest

Wonderland Offers New Escape Room Buford Fantasy Adventure

Fantasy always sparks some fun and exciting times no matter what age. We all have a desire to be imaginative and let our minds wander.  How can you change up the typical fantasy book, movie or game night experience? When Wonderland arrives in Buford, the answer becomes easy. Come, follow this rabbit into a world of curiosity and whimsical abnormalities ― our new escape room Buford, Wonderland.

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