8 of the Best Team Building Activities for Youth

Interactive team building games for youth are a great way to facilitate bonding and improve communication skills, but it can be especially difficult to get this age group to engage. Young people are often self-conscious and worried about being awkward in front of their friends, so they are harder to motivate into participating in group activities.

Try some of these “cool” and team building activities for youth to get going and work as one.

Team Building Activities For Youth 

 How do you get young people to get out of their heads and enjoy themselves? An ideal youth team building activity has these characteristics:

  • Keeps them active: Young people are full of energy and easily bored, so getting them moving is the best thing you can do to get them engaged. 
  • Give them the power to choose: The more young people are treated as adults who have agency and choice in the activity of the day, the more likely they are to buy into it. 
  • Go with the flow: In the same breath as the point above, don’t force teambuilding games for youth if there is no enthusiasm—and run with what appears to psych them up. 
  • Make it a challenge: Encourage the group to take on something harder than they are used to, and they will be intrigued. Challenges also spark up competition which makes them all the more invested. This is even more applicable if you’re looking for team

What are the Best Team Building Activities for Youth?

With the above in mind, here are some easy yet interesting youth team building activities you can do: 

1. Actionary 

This one is a great icebreaker. Come up with a list of Pictionary-style words that are easy to draw, sculpt or act. Then make your dice with “draw,” “sculpt,” and “act,” or designate numbers on ordinary dice. Each team gets some play-doh and pencil and paper. 

Like charades, a group volunteer will go up and roll the dice while their team is given a word. Depending on what was rolled, the team will act, draw, or sculpt out the word given for the volunteer to guess. 

The team that guesses the most items wins.

2. The Tangled Chain 

Have each group huddle up and hold hands with a person across the circle. Once everyone is holding hands, let them know their task is to untangle themselves without letting go. The first team to untangle wins.

3. Speed Stacking

Have teams line up next to each other. Then stack 15 identical disposable cups into pyramids on a table a distance away. There should be one pyramid for every line.

Each player is supposed to run to the table, collapse the pyramid, then stack the cups up into a pyramid again.

The first team to run through all of their players wins.

Indoor Team Building Games for Youth

4. Escape Rooms

Participants are required to solve puzzles by using clues, hints, and strategies to complete specific objectives. Usually, the players have a 60-minute time limit in which they need to solve the puzzles to escape the room. Escape rooms require all the elements of good teamwork, keen observation, problem-solving skills, and proper communication. You can even choose different themes to play and select your challenge according to the kind of fun you want to enjoy. 

5. Helium Stick

Players in each team stand shoulder to shoulder with their hands extended, palms facing upwards, and their fingers folded with only their index finger facing forward. Then, place a long rod to rest on each player’s finger.

On the count of three, teams have to place the rod on the ground together without dropping it. The first one to complete the challenge wins. 

Great Sports Team Bonding Activities

Sports team bonding activities need to foster teamwork, leadership, and effective communication skills.

6. Human Pyramids

Divide the group into teams of four or five members each. Then, challenge each group to form a pyramid. This activity challenges their brains and demands physical strength as they will have to kneel on all fours on top of each other.

7. Tug-o-War

This one is an oldie but a goldie, especially when you have a large group on your hands. It’s great for encouraging positive competition as well as fostering solidarity among teammates. 

8. Sports Relay Races

A team building game for youth that works for many sports. For example, with basketball, every team member has to dribble to and from a point before passing it on to their teammate. The fastest team to run through all their players wins. 

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