Team Building Suwanee

Unique Team Building Atlanta Ideas for Corporate Events and Group Games

If you’re looking for something that’s decidedly different from your typical team building in Atlanta experience, an escape room could be the perfect option. So much more than your everyday office outing near Suwanee, an affordable escape room is an excellent opportunity to foster team spirit, cohesiveness as a group, and to spur critical thinking and innovative problem solving. 

At Paranoia Quest, our escape room Suwanee is designed to be the perfect experience for all ages. If you’re interested in team building for older people, our group games are sure to be exactly what you need. Break out of the stale, ordinary office routine and encourage working together on a whole new level! 

Team Building at Suwanee GA

Wondering what makes an escape room a great exercise in team building at Suwanee, GA? Simply put, it’s a great way to get to know your team outside of the office and truly let their talents and abilities shine. Who’s a true leader? Who’s an innovative thinker and not afraid to try things that are outside of the box? Who comes up with ingenious solutions? 

These people will naturally shine in their roles, all while working together to uncover clues, solve mysteries, follow evidence and break ciphers. Each themed room features a different style of design and a different story, and our live actors help keep things engaging so that your coworkers or employees are always on their feet and thinking one step ahead! 

An affordable escape room is a great way to get to know your team on a new level while creating memories that can last a lifetime. Fun team building shakes up old habits and provides active entertainment that encourages teamwork. Plus, at our office outing new Suwanee, you can find a variety of group games with escape room themes that you and your team will love.

Get to Know Our Escape Room Suwanee Options

At our escape room Suwanee, we offer the following types of themes: 

Zombie Apocalypse – You are one of a handful of survivors of the zombie apocalypse. As part of a special forces team, your job is to break into a highly-secured government facility and obtain the vaccine that will cure mankind. 

Murder Mystery – Everyone loves a good, old-fashioned detective story, and now you can live the story! You and your team have been hand-picked to try new technology that lets you see a victim’s last memories. Will you be able to solve the mystery in time? 

Area 51 – You and your team of journalists are on a quest to find out the truth, and you’ve broken into an NOA (National Oversight Agency) building to gather clues. But what you discover goes much deeper than you expected. Will you make it out alive?

From the moment you try our team building in Suwanee activities, you’ll know these aren’t your typical group games. An escape room has you use your wits, your skill, your critical thinking skills, and your ability to work together to overcome a challenge — skills that are a must for today’s fast-pased jobs. In this way, not only are you encouraging team building, but you’re helping your coworkers and employees to build skills that they can rely on in their work. 

Plus, an affordable escape room helps participants break out of their routine and get to know their coworkers in a more relaxed and collaborative environment — the perfect opportunity to improve their cooperation and encourage team building in a fun and active way. 

How Do I Reserve an Escape Room? 

If you’d like to have an office outing near Suwanee, there’s no better time to start than now! Simply visit our website and click the Book Your Room button above. From there, you can choose the room you want, the group size and the date you’d like to attend. From there, our Escape Room experts will work hard to make sure that the experience is every bit as memorable as we can make it. 

Just don’t be surprised if your employees keep talking about how much fun they had days or even weeks after the event! And especially don’t be surprised if they ask when the next team building even is!  If you have any questions, we’ll also take the time to answer them so that you can understand more about how our group games work and what you can look forward to. It really is that simple! 

Plus you and your team may even achieve a spectacular time in escaping your chosen room to earn yourselves a place on our Leaderboards! We have one for each escape room, and groups that beat the room in record time earn a spot there with their photo. Will you make it out in time? Contact us today to reserve your room and get started on your team building in Atlanta!