Why is Problem Solving Important?

Solving problems is the core of what it is to be human. Why problem solving is important is simply because, without it, humans would have never discovered fire or invented the wheel. Despite the importance of problem solving in everyday life, not everyone is good at it. Let’s explore the importance of problem solving skills in education, the workplace, and your personal life.

Figuring out why are problem solving skills important is obvious when you think about it. Overcoming obstacles is at the heart of how organizations and individuals move forward.

From carrying out risk assessments to repairing that broken computer, the benefits of problem solving are clear. Good problem solvers are the people who drive your business forward.

Employees who’re confident in their ability to solve problems get results.

Benefits of Problem Solving Skills

Now that we’ve answered “why is problem solving important?”, it’s time to examine the benefits of problem solving skills. To understand why problem solving skills are important, the simplest way to define it is that breaking down barriers enables everyone to exert control over their environment. Let’s look at some of the advantages of developing your team’s ability to solve problems.

  • Fixing Things – Activities, hardware, software, processes, and more are just some of the things that break all the time. Problem solving gives you the tools needed to fix them.
  • Managing Risk – Not only is the importance of problem solving skills found in the present but the future. Understanding trends and past experiences allow you to anticipate the future.
  • Improve Performance – Ultimately, resolving issues inside and outside the workplace quickly improves overall performance.
  • Seize New Opportunities – Problem solving is not just reactive but proactive. Seeing something problematic and addressing it is at the heart of innovation. Is your business ready to innovate?

How to Engage Problem Solving Skills

Are you ready to engage your problem solving skills? Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Define the problem. Whether it’s a workplace policy or the behavior of a certain individual, take the time to analyze and build up a picture of the problem.
  2. Brainstorm alternative resolutions. Strike the balance between logic and creativity. Compare different solutions and see which strategy works best.
  3. Choose the best strategy. The optimal strategy is not just about fixing the problem but about selecting a way forward that aligns with your business priorities, whether that’s speed or cost.Implement your solution. Face the obstacle head-on and execute your action plan.

3 Fun Ways to Use Problem Solving Skills

The importance of problem solving cannot be understated. Problem solving doesn’t have to involve endless meetings or meaningless bureaucracy. There are fun ways to use your ability to solve problems.

Let’s look at some of the ways you can enhance your team’s problem solving skills in the workplace.

1. A Shrinking Vessel

This is a game for teams that struggle to adapt to changing situations. If your team tends to freeze under pressure, this is the game for them.

It’s quite simple. Make a shape out of a rope on the floor. Everyone must stand inside the rope. Over 10-15 minutes, the area will continue to shrink. Your team simply has to stay inside the rope.

2. Positive Brainstorming

When you’re struggling with an existing problem, try positive brainstorming. It’s just like any brainstorming session, but the difference is nobody is allowed to say anything negative.

It encourages everyone to speak out and be heard. You never know what they might come up with.

3. Egg Drop

If making decisions is a challenge for your team, try the egg drop game. Each team gets an egg and a random construction material, such as balloons, rubber bands, or plastic wrap.

Instruct each team to create a carrier for the egg. When the allotted time ends, each team needs to drop their egg off something high. The team that protects their egg the best wins.

How Escape Rooms Help You Learn Problem Solving Skills

Every team needs to know why is problem solving important. Escape rooms are a perfect reminder of why solving problems quickly and effectively is an essential life skill to have.

Modern escape rooms can only be solved with teamwork and the ability to solve puzzles and tackle problems head-on. Nobody can win an escape room challenge alone.

Take your team to an escape room. They’ll need to work together, be creative, communicate, and think outside the box. All these skills come together to sharpen your team and encourage them to change how they approach a challenge.


The importance of problem solving is key to the success of your business. Don’t just live in hope, be proactive in helping your employees to get better at solving problems.

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