Paranoia Quest seeks game-loving crew members for our new interactive experience.

Ever dreamed of locking a group of strangers into a room and forgetting about them (well almost forgetting for an hour at least)? If so, here’s your chance! No, no it’s not what it sounds like. Let me explain.

You see, guests will come in with friends, family members and the like and get locked into one of our exciting themed experiences. They’ll have an hour to work their way out of the rooms using clues and tools we’ll give them, along with pure wit. What happens if they can’t work their way out? Even we don’t want to know!

If this sounds exciting to you, we are looking for fun, passionate and enthusiastic new team members with a great customer service orient for open roles in our Atlanta location. One thing is for sure, it’s going to be a wild ride! Join us!

You can apply for:

The Gate Keeper

This position is responsible for various aspects of the day to day operations. You will be responsible for managing the reception area and upkeep of the themedrooms; making sure each guest is warmly welcomed. Other key responsibilities include monitoring various social media outlets as well as ticket sales and answering phone calls.  As you will be directly interacting with our guests it is important that you have a great customer service orient. Representing Paranoia Quest in a professional and courteous manner are of utmost importance in this position; upholding the companies reputation and high standards.

The Game Master

This full time position is responsible for our guests gaming experience.

You are a game master, storyteller, adviser, actor, problem solver, handyman. Interaction with the groups includes video monitoring, posting clues, team photos and more. We are looking for quick learners with strong attention to details, but most importantly, applicants should have a knack for hospitality and customer service.

The Game Tester

This is unpaid position.

You will have unique ability to try our games before they are available for the public. 

You will be responsible for participating/testing  our games during testing stage.

Providing detailed reports of what you liked and what didn’t work. What in your opinion need to be changed or updated and why.

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