Have you been thinking about your next team building activity but are not sure if Escape room is the right fit for your team? It’s better to see it once then hear about it thousand times. Watch this video below.

Team building group activities have been proven to be beneficial and important for every company team. But let’s be honest, after dozens of corporate meetings and brainstorming, boring seminars, company sports and charity events – it can be a bit challenging to get your employees interested to stay another hour or two after work or to come on a weekend day for some team building group activities. So, Atlanta’s very own Paranoia Quest has a little bit different approach to the whole idea with its escape-the-room concept. Quest rooms are sure to keep the attendants quite occupied and even eager to come back to Atlanta regardless of the outcome or their performance.

Team Building Activities

The main idea behind team building activities is for it to be a fun and exciting day out of work or after work and a chance for your employees to get to know one another in a different light. It certainly is all that; but you may be surprised with some of the conclusions that often emerge afterwards.

For example, escape the room games with limited time for completion put a different kind of pressure on people, than they’re accustomed to in the office; people see each other in a different environment and it just might influence those withdrawn team members to express their ideas freely and maybe even take leading roles. It is not unusual for people to learn a few new things about themselves as well as about their coworkers.

Working with the same people for a long time makes the team work efficiently; but after some time, it is normal to look for further improvements. Team building group activities in Atlanta will give you fresh ideas about possible team restructuring. And, if your team happens to have some new members, a carefully chosen escape the room game will be an excellent opportunity to test some of their abilities in a non competitive way while solving puzzles or various problems.

Atlanta team building approach will make your team stronger by showing them in practice just how brilliant they can be when working together and that every member counts. Members of your team will be exited and feel satisfied by just managing to solve the quest room together.

Effective Team Building

It’s a good idea to organize a casual discussion after the quest in order to evaluate how effective the activity was. It’s not a bad idea to send your team members inside with a few before-questions regarding their cooperation. Once they exit the room, get them to talk about the experience in a friendly atmosphere; conversation, not questioning. Let them share their feelings while they are still overwhelmed, laugh and tease one another. If it stays high-spirited, the quest room was a success.

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