Paranoia Quest Liability Waiver

By signing, I hold PARANOIA QUEST ESCAPE THE ROOM LLC harmless against all injury and/or damage due to player recklessness or acts of God.

I will not share pertinent information on playing/solving the game.

IF I allow myself to be photographed, I allow my photo to be used at will by  PARANOIA QUEST ESCAPE THE ROOM LLC. If I wish not to be photographed I will alert my Game Master immediately and refrain from all photos taken.

I understand if property is broken by the participating party during my stay, the credit card on file will be charged for the damage done.

I will follow all rules and have a good time during my stay.

I understand that Paranoia Quest Escape The Room and it’s employees are taking all possible precautions for COVID 19 compliance and enter at my own risk.

I understand that if I have any grievances I want to discuss further about my escape room experience, the owner would like to hear my opinion immediately and the email of the Assistant General Manager, TJ Wylie, (He likes praise as well but really wants to hear any concerns straight from you.)

Wavier Form Atlanta
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Last Name
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