Can I book an Escape Room on Groupon?
See our Groupon details here

How much is admission?

Zombie Apocalypse
1 to 5 people $44.99 per person
6+ $39.99 per person

Murder Mystery
1 to 5 people $44.99 per person
6+ $39.99 per person

Professor E’s Mummy Mystery
1 to 5 people $44.99 per person
6+ $39.99 per person

School of Magic
1 to 5 people $44.99 per person
6+ $39.99 per person

Escape Room with Live Zombie
1 to 5 people $44.99 per person
6+ $39.99 per person

Pricing Packages – Team Building Atlanta
Pricing Packages – Birthday Party Venue Atlanta

What are your hours of operations?

10am – 9pm (Reservation Required)
10am – 9pm (Reservation Required)
10am – 9pm (Reservation Required)
10am – 9pm (Reservation Required)
5:00pm – 12:00am
12:00pm – 12:00am
12:00pm – 9:00pm

Is advanced reservation required

Yes. Advanced booking required

Where are you located?

72 Broad Street SW, Atlanta, GA. At the intersection of Broad Street SW and M.L.K Jr Dr SW. It’s 2 min away from 5 Points Marta Station and 5 min away from “Underground” Atlanta.

Please see our locations page

Parking Information

Parking garage available at:
61 M.L.K. Jr Dr SW,

Atlanta, GA 30303

Parking garage name “Underground”.
Located at the intersection of Central Ave SW and M.L.K. Jr Dr SW

What is your refund policy?
There are no refunds; All sales are final. If you are not sure about date or time we suggest that you wait with completing your booking. Find out details for your group first and then make a booking. We can change your booking time or date 48 hours in advance.

What if we come late? Will you wait for us?
It will depend on:
– How late you are?
– Are there other palyers signed up for the same time slot?
– Is there another game booked right after your game?

What will happen if I am late?
We will give you few options
Join the game in progress
Reschedule for another time slot during same day (if available)
Can I get a refund?
No. Due to the nature of our business, we do not offer refunds.

How scary Paranoia Quest Escape the room?
It’s not built to be scary, it’s built to challenge your thinking skills and for team building.
There is no “jump” scares at any of our Quests.

How much time do we have to complete the mission?
You have 60 minutes.

Should we come in earlier?
Yes. 15-20 minutes earlier so you have enough time to park, find us, sign a waiver and listen to introduction.

How many people can be in my group?
– “Zombie Apocalypse” 8 people
– “Escape plan” up to 12 people
– “Murder Mystery” 15 people
– “Escape the room with a Zombie” 8 people
– “Who Stole Christmas?” up to 8 people

If I am by myself can I play?
You don’t want to play alone. It will be hard and not much fun. Find some friends or a time slot where other groups already signed up, and you can join them.

What is V.I.P booking?
V.I.P booking is when you have smaller group of people who you want to play with and you don’t want to have any strangers to join your group. In this case you buy out all remaining slots and we make it V.I.P so no one else can join you.V.I.P booking is when you have bigger group. Then you can make it V.I.P booking and have up to 15 people at Murder Mystery room and up to 12 people at Escape Plan room.

Can our group play just by ourselves?
Yes. If you have max amount of people or if you Make V.I.P booking

Will it be fun for adults?
Yes. Our quests geared more toward adults.

How do I purchase tickets?
You can purchase tickets online here or call us (678) 828-4410. We accept all major cards

What rules must I follow while visiting Paranoia Quest?
We have a few ground rules, which must be followed at all times:
Listen your Game Masters at all times
Do not bring any weapons, alcoholic beverages, or pets onto the property
Respect other customers and employees; no rude or lewd behavior.
No smoking inside the facility.
No flashlights, food/drinks, purses/bags will be allowed inside.
We have free lockers at our facility. All your belongings will be safely stored there.

Can I bring my cellphone? May I take pictures inside?
Yes. Yes and Yes. We actually encourage our guests to take pictures inside our games. What can be better marketing for us if not you sharing fun pictures on social media? P.S. Just make sure to tag us :)

Is there a different admission price for children?
Children under 8 are free but have to book V.I.P booking. Any older children same price as adults.

How old do you have to be to participate?
Minimal age: any age allowed with parents but have to book V.I.P booking.
Children 16 and older allowed without parents

Is there is a dress code?
No. You can dress and wear anything you like.

Do I have to print out my coupon to bring with me?
Of course not. We are in the modern age. Just show the coupon on a smart phone.

Do you offer any birthday party specials?
Yes. See birthday packages here. If your birthday is during the week of your booking and you bringing 4 or more friends with you to celebrate. Birthday person will receive a Free Gift certificate pass for a future use for any of escape rooms. ID proof will be required. This offer cannot be combined with any coupon, offer or other discount.

Do you offer group discounts?
Yes. See team building and group packages and discounts here. Discounts cannot be combined with any coupon, offer or other discount.

Will I have to sign a waiver?
Yes. Everyone who is 16 years and older will have to sign a waiver.
For anyone 16 or younger parents need to sign waiver on their behalf.

Can kids under age of 16 play by themselves?
No. Each Group of kids 16 and under should have at least one adult or guardian accompany them.

Is Paranoia Quests wheelchair accessible?
Yes for “Murder Mystery”, “Who Stole Christmas?” and “Escape Plan” quests. “Zombie Apocalypse” quest is located on the second floor and there is a lot of stairs so it’s not wheelchair accessible.

How can I join the crew of Paranoia Quest?
Fill out employment application at here
If you have any additional questions, call our office: 678-828-4410