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Axe Master Throwing

So it has finally happened. You’ve read about axe throwing and you’re sold on the idea. Now all that’s left is to search. So you go to your computer, open up your favorite browser and ask it to:

Axe Throwing Suwane

Find Me the Nearest Axe Throwing Location!

While it’s true that there are plenty of places that do “axe throwing near me”, if you’re in Atlanta, there’s only one place to go for true pulse-pounding, axe throwing fun and that’s Axe Master! No experience needed, and even if you’ve never picked up an axe in your life, you’ll be surprised at how easy and downright fun it can be to get into axe throwing!

Challenge your friends with two lanes of superior aim, incredible technique and excitement. When you’re looking for something to do in Atlanta that’s “off the beaten path”, it doesn’t get any easier than Axe Master Axe throwing in Atlanta.

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