Activities for Team Building

There are many different reasons why team building activities are used. These reasons include enhancing communication, boosting morale, preventing demotivation, getting to know each other (known as icebreakers), learning strategies, problem-solving and learning new skills. Good team building activities promote better teamwork by partaking in activities and games that can be played on a basic or intermediate level. But the best team building activities are those that are fully immersive, interactive and exhilarating, such as that offered by Atlanta’s Paranoia Quest.

Good Team Building Activities

The best smaller scale team building activities that can be adopted within a workplace or smaller premises could be Organizational Jenga. This works very much like Jenga but involves separating blocks into categories that reflect the structure of an organization or group, and creating individual towers that can then have blocks removed one by one without destroying the model. Another good game could be The Perfect Square, a game where members of the group are blindfolded in a room with a string tied around their waists, connected to the people next to them. The group must then form a square with the string using instruction and trust. Other games to note are small scale scavenger hunts or throwing and catching ‘get to know you’ games.

Great Team Building Activities

What makes a team building activity great is enhancements made to the complexity, engagement levels and technology added to the games.


These activities often need more imagination and resources. Battle of the Airbands is a highly engaging, hilarious activity that only requires an MP3 player. The group splits into smaller ‘bands’ and lip-synch to their favorite music, each assigned a role (such as drummer, singer, etc.).

Alternatively, for the more adventurous groups, a Zombie Escape could be exactly what’s needed to boost energy and communication. Atlanta’s very own Paranoia Quest is a fully immersive, imaginative game for participants of all ages and abilities. Escape The Room is a one of a kind experience. Storylines can include Zombie Apocalypse, Murder Mystery, and Infection. Quests are family friendly and designed to be inclusive of all types of people and all abilities.

Whether you choose a good team building exercise or want the very best one, there are countless options and opportunities to choose from.

Atlanta’s Paranoia Quest provides the ultimate entertainment for any group. However you know each other, whether you’re colleagues, friends, family or classmates, Paranoia Quest is top of the list for laughter and excitement. By collectively escaping a high pressured, thrilling room, and taking part in a number of interesting puzzles, everyone can take something away from this unique experience.