Breaking the Ice on Team Building in Alpharetta

A new year, a new team. With 2017 now in full swing many companies in Alpharetta will be setting their sights on building new teams to take on a host of new projects. But with a new team often comes the task of breaking the ice to make your team comfortable and set loose the creative energy needed to inspire productivity. This can be a big challenge especially if you are a new team leader or manager. teambuilding_icebreaker

While everyone on your team may already have a defined role or title within the company, the tasks needed for projects may require honing in on everyone’s strengths, the team’s weaknesses and building open communication lines. One of the best ways to do this is through an escape room adventure. Escape rooms while great entertainment, are also opportunities to break the ice and encourage the team to bond. One of the greatest perks for using an escape room adventure as a team building ice breaker is it allows the team to experience their first real mission together in a fun, non-structured, comfortable environment. While the business manager may be the team leader in the company, they do not necessarily have to act as the leader in an escape room.

A team can get to know each other while learning new and exciting traits while trying to escape a zombie, exploring an old mansion or unlocking secrets to a murder. Now with our new virtual reality escape rooms, forget office walls, there are no boundaries except those within one’s own mind.

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