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Escape Room Games for Senior Adults? Sure!

Think working your brain (and participating in an Escape Room Game) is only for the young? Turns out brain “exercising” has its biggest advantages for senior adults.

senior adult - vr gameAccording to AARP, senior adults that actively pursue better brain health can increase brain strength by learning new skills and for those who participate in group or social activities, they see a 26% decrease in the likelihood of dementia development. Another interesting factor was when comparing the activities of reading (which displayed high cognitive activity) and surfing the internet. Senior adults who surfed the internet saw increased brain activity which UCLA Researchers attribute to the participants’ need to make choices (where to click) on the internet versus steady reading.

“Interestingly, all participants demonstrated the same brain activity that was seen during the book-reading task, but the Web-savvy group also registered activity in the frontal, temporal and cingulate areas of the brain, which control decision-making and complex reasoning.” Staying Sharp-AARP

Solving Puzzles is More Than Fun

wonderland the hole - senior adultFor many senior adults, however the biggest fear is the development of Alzheimer’s disease. With statistics reflecting that as many as 5.1 million American adults currently living with Alzheimer’s disease, there is a legitimate concern. This is why solving puzzles, which have shown to slow down the onset of dementia, can be a fun and vital part of senior adult activity. In addition, seniors who play games live a healthier lifestyle overall.

So what does this mean for you, well the next time you are thinking about taking the parents to an early dinner or low-key movie, maybe the better choice would be a visit to one of Paranoia Quest Escape the Room’s two locations instead. To Read More…