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Obama Makes Another Successful Escape

The excitement has settled on the activities of this Presidential Inauguration. Washington staff, supporters and friends said their goodbyes to former President Barack Obama as made his escape from the critical duties as our United States 44th President to settle into a new life as a civilian.  Much of the nation watched with great interest the massive and intricate nature of changing from one administration to another in less than 6 hours. presidentobama_escaperoomAt Paranoia Quest Escape the Room, we could not help but be amazed how smoothly former President Obama made his exit, but then again it was not his first. The former president actually made another successful escape this past Christmas Eve, in the way of an Escape Room adventure and from what we hear he had time to spare. Well 12 seconds that is.

The former president spent a special Christmas Eve family time with daughters Sasha and Malia, at Hawaii’s Breakout Waikiki. While the adventure had not been known until about one hour before arrival, MacGregor Greenlee, General Manager of Hawaiian Operations at Breakout Waikiki got a taste of what it is like to run a real covert operation as the secret service did a full sweep in preparation of the the Obamas arrival.

The entourage of around 30 people played four of the Breakout Waikiki’s escape games with former President Obama and his daughters taken on one of the most difficult rooms, Mission Manoa, which boasts only an 18% success rate. For more information on the former president escape room adventure Read More…

So are you up for the challenge of a president but Hawaii is just not in your budget? Check out what Paranoia Quest Escape the Room has to offer. Who knows, maybe the family member you have with you could be our next president…if they can escape with at least 12 seconds to spare.

Remember we have two locations for your adventure, Atlanta and Buford-Mall of Georgia.