Real Quest Room in Atlanta

Real Quest Room

Quest rooms are designed so that people would, most of all, have fun with friends; but it also does wonders on improving and testing their intelligence and different capabilities important in life. None of them is dangerous, of course, as safety always come first, and once you are in – the excitement will overflow you, and you’ll find yourself totally hooked!

Atlanta offers a wide range of quest rooms and not all of them are scary and dark. Some of them are even appropriate for children; and believe it or not, children, with their unique way of observing the world, are a huge asset when it comes to deciphering clues and hints, while adults tend to overthink things losing the valuable time.

It is a great way to have different kind of fun with your friends, coworkers, even strangers. And certainly there’s hardly a better way to get to know someone, than seeing how they react under pressure – handcuffed next to you or trapped somewhere, as you might find yourself in one of the quest rooms in Atlanta.

And, if you’re an adventurer at heart, visit one of these escape rooms and you will surely be pleasantly surprised by the experience. Find out just how resourceful and clever you are and how you’d behave in a group that needs organization and leadership. Will you follow orders or give them; or you’d be a lone wolf?

Quest rooms may be imaginary, but they have an aspect of realness – you and your team members are in it together and you need to find a way to use all your strengths combined and overcome your weaknesses in order to come out of the quest victorious.

Real Quest Room

Paranoia’s Murder Mystery quest will surely make you feel like everything there is real – such tremendous effort has been put into designing of this room.

As you absorb your surroundings, you realize you’ve entered a Dreamscape of one of the victims that had mysteriously died while working for the military as a special agent. Your task is to identify the victim and find out what killed him. You have one hour to finish your objective or you will get stuck in the Dreamscape forever.

Be warned though, many have failed… Now it is up to you to escape the room by completing the objectives. There are some clues and hints to guide you of course, but you and your team will have to put all your cognitive and perception abilities into action. Luckily, you’re not alone in this – your team members are also trapped in the dream with you, and as long as you stick together and employ some quality team work, you have a chance to escape the room.