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Things to Do in Lawrenceville While Escaping the Holiday Crowds

As Christmas 2017 quickly approaches (less than two weeks to go!), the holiday crowds are growing exponentially. Going to the malls has become like running the gauntlet at the beginning of Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Arc, though with fewer darts and rolling death balls and more with people stuffed into each last square inch of available space, and with this season’s hot toy being the golden idol at the back of the cave. Who wants to deal with all that (besides Indiana Jones, of course)? If you are looking for fun things to do in Lawrenceville while avoiding the holiday crowds, Paranoia Quest is your answer.

Finding things to do in Lawrenceville

With the shoppers out in droves, Lawrenceville, Buford and the surrounding areas are being invaded for one simple reason – The Mall of Georgia. Thisthings to do in Lawrenceville mecca to consumerism draws all kinds during the holiday season, but in case you are either done shopping or simply get everything ordered online, you are probably looking for things to do in Lawrenceville that aren’t holiday shopping. An escape room from Paranoia Quest can be just what the doctor ordered.

Our location near the Mall of Georgia has five games running right now – the all-new Zombie Hour, Escape Plan, The Dig, Pocket Universe and Witch Hunter, and each offers its own unique challenges and certainly are among the more interesting things to do in Lawrenceville. One of Paranoia Quest’s escape rooms could even lead to dinner and/or drinks. Paranoia Quest is located right next to The Cheesecake Factory, the restaurant and bar with the famously huge menu. There is also perennial favorite Marlow’s Tavern, along with Smokeythings to do in Lawrenceville Bones Bar and Grill, P.F. Chang’s, and Ted’s Montana Grill, all of which could be great drinking and dining options for before or after your adventure. Anything to keep away from the stores, right?

Book a room today!

If you are looking for things to do in Lawrenceville and avoid the holiday shopping mess, give our Buford location a call at 678-288-6555 or book a room online today. Turn a ho-hum shopping day into a fight for survival with an escape room game from Paranoia Quest!