Corporate Team Building in Atlanta: Learn Your Team Personalities

Using Corporate Team Building in Atlanta to Uncover Employees’ Traits and Tendencies

As the great Aristotle taught us, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” While that has been proven true time and time again, how can you achieve a cohesive whole without knowing the value and purpose of each part? One particular part might serve and function better if you know its designed purpose. The same can be said about your team and its individuals. Through corporate team building in Atlanta, you can learn the ins and outs of your team’s personalities.

The Personalities

You can force your team to take generic personality tests, but nothing exposes our true idiosyncrasies like an escape room, making it a viable event for corporate team building in Atlanta. When you book your room at Paranoia Quest, look out for the following personalities in your team:

corporate team building in Atlanta-investigatorThe Human Clock

When in the high-pressure situation of an escape room, someone on your team will be incredibly conscious of the diminishing time. This employee puts importance on target dates and has a great quality and output when under tight deadlines in the workplace.

The Detective

Time to exercise those sleuthing skills. Escape rooms have a lot of puzzles to solve, but knowing which one comes next isn’t always completely obvious. Someone on your team will have a grasp on the big picture and will buff out the brain-racking puzzles of an escape room. The detective might be a natural-born leader while being excellent working as a part of a team.

corporate team building-ideaEureka!

As the minutes turn to seconds, you’re counting on a miracle to escape the room. All the sudden, it clicks for one of your employees—an epiphany. This person is great in crunch time and has an extremely creative mind.

No Stones Unturned

Speaking of creativity, you’ll want someone on your team who explores every possible solution. The key to this is being able to come up with every likely and unlikely possibility that could be an answer. This person exudes out-of-the-box thinking and is an asset to any team.

A Walking Database

If you’ve done an escape room before, you know that you intake a lot of information in a small amount of time. You read a few clues at the beginning—45 minutes go by. Now, you need to retrieve that information to solve one more puzzle. Usually, every team has a great admin who has either retained that information or has kept it organized for a quick reference.

The Tenacious One

You’ve decoded your clue and tried applying it. Unfortunately, your so-called solution doesn’t work. Some of us will explore other options at that point, but you’ll have a determined team member who will want to try the same answer again. This person is great with quality control. They acknowledge that human error exists and always keeps an eye out for mistakes.

Uncover These Personalities through Corporate Team Building in Atlanta at Paranoia Quest

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