If you are looking for fun things to do in Dunwoody you could consider getting locked into an escape room for an hour. The experience will be challenging, interesting and unforgettable. The escape room game is an interactive experience which relies on the group you are with to work as a team to escape from the room in less than an hour. The event is a novel way to socialize and to really get to know other members of your group. Visit ParanoiaQuest.com and book today.

Fun Birthday Party, Corporate Event, Church Field Trip in Dunwoody

Escape rooms are an international gaming phenomenon which is somewhat new to the United States. There is now a new venue in Dunwoody Atlanta Georgia. Paranoia Quest has several themed escape rooms. You can book a room for a team building exercise, fun corporate event or just a fun night out. These games are also popular for church field trips, or birthday party activities. In fact, the escape rooms at Paranoia quest will provide a fun birthday party Dunwoody experience for you and your friends. There is a Birthday party special if you book for 5 or more people. We guarantee a memorable party which your friends will be talking about for many months.

An escape room is an actual room in which members of a group solve problems by way of clues and hints to solve and to complete a set of objectives which will unveil a secret hidden plot in a limited time frame. The idea was inspired by the video games of the same name. This is the physical (real) version of the video adventure «Escape from the room».

The game involves hidden clues, puzzles, and riddles. The games rooms are usually set in various fictional stories or locations such as prison cells dungeons or space stations, manor houses and many more. None of our rooms are the same, and each room has a unique set of challenges. You can try them all.

The sets are realistic with background music and sound. You are given a mission and challenge which makes for a unique experience. Everything that you see can be moved, touched or used in the game. However, be careful to not break anything. The adventures at Paranoia quest have been set up with great attention to detail with the aim of providing a great experience. The room design and the unique well-crafted scripts make for a great time. There is a list of the different quests on the Paranoia quest website, and in each one, the plot is outlined and described with a unique preview and video clip.

Enter a Paranoia quest escape room Dunwoody and you will enter a parallel reality where you can experience something unique and test your skills and your patience. The settings are exciting, interesting and individual. The rooms are interactive sets based on some well-known stories, movies, and video games.

The games rooms have become popular in the United States, Taiwan, Japan, Israel, Canada, and New Zealand to name just a few. Escape rooms have become so popular that there is now a dedicated group following, known as The Escape Room Enthusiasts.

The idea for the game was originally developed in 2007 by Takao Kato from the Kyoto publishing company. Japan. The escape room concept spread from there to many locations in Europe, Australia, and the East.

There are a number of escape room challenges at Dunwoody Atlanta Paranoia Quest. A new game called Witch hunter has been added to the list and we also have the only virtual reality escape game in Georgia. Our flagship games at our downtown Atlanta location include Zombie Apocalypse, Murder mystery, Infection and Escape the room with a zombie. Whichever game you do choose, you are assured of a great time while learning to co-operate well with other team members.

For a different and fun night out, why not get together with a group of friends and book an experience at Paranoia Quest. We challenge you to try our escape rooms for a bunch of fun. It is certainly one of the top things to do Dunwoody Atlanta.