If you are out on a church field trip Sandy Springs looking for a getaway or your meaning of a fun date night Sandy Springs is thrill then you should step in our parallel world of excitement and adventure, Paranoia Quest. We receive and entertain more than two thousand guests every month. We give our guests the opportunity of trying to be an ultimate detective or an escapist when they have to choose from the difficult combinations of virtual reality & escape room Sandy Springs and win a race against time.

How we evolved

The format or idea of such real-life quests actually originated from the 1990s-styled computerized quests of escaping a room. During those times, the player used to seek out a way to the room using all he/she could find at disposal and solving riddles. However, with our paranoia Quest, you will definitely get that same exciting experience in real life; where you will be able to see, touch, move and use in the exciting game. You will be given an hour to complete the mission and escape the room.

The Adventures and the Thrills

Our guest can just start their exciting journey by selecting from the four exciting quests.

  • Zombie Apocalypse;
  • Murder Mystery;
  • Area 51;
  • Escape the room with a Live Zombie.

Choosing from the four quests, you will then have to sign up with friends and family groups. You will certainly make friends along your way. Once you and your friends enter our themed rooms, you will experience our cutting-edge technology ushering you to a whole new and exciting virtual world. There you will certainly accept an exciting new reality as you will work together in order to find caches, solve puzzles, and use tools & clues to uncover and unravel the path to the virtual and thrilling freedom before you realize the clock winding down.

Make Your Team

In order to escape one of the rooms of our Paranoia Quest, you will need all the necessary elements of a good and excellent teamwork. Problem-solving attitude, tactical mind, keen observation, and most importantly proper & clear communication are the essential things to beat the ticking clock. This is a perfect activity for team building Sandy Springs, especially for the corporate groups that will help them to be more aligned by coming together for this engaging and unique purpose. Build up the ability of your team to solve problems together and at the same time be entertained & thrilled.

Our Team

We have a team of event staff who are dedicated and committed. They will make sure that all the arrangements are done in a proper and perfect manner so that you get the best experience of your entire life. They are skilled and qualified people who can arrange all the necessary details. There will also be interesting sessions on team performance that will effectively guide the participants through the challenging activities related to the escape room, which will bring a very specific personality and behavioral styles that stay hidden in a normal day routine. All these will help your team in getting to know and understand each other.

So if you are looking for exciting things to do Sandy Springs. You can start your journey by selecting from the four main quests.