We are located in Sugar Hill, Atlanta, Georgia. We offer our customers a variety of dedicated escape room events. We will be responsible for arranging all the necessary details required for groups of more than eight people. In order to successfully escape one of our rooms, you should be able to facilitate teamwork within your group. There are plenty of key attributes which you will need to discover the best strategies. You should incorporate a combination of problem solving skills, keen observation and proper communication. These are all essential factors which will help you beat the clock. Escape Room Sugar Hill is the perfect activity to enjoy with your colleagues. Corporate groups will be able to come together for a day of fun, thrill and excitement. This activity is also highly recommended for a church field trip or a fun date night Sugar Hill with your partner.


You’ll be able to experience an engaging and completely unique game which will keep you on your toes. The main purpose of escape Room Sugar Hill is to provide an exciting and thrilling activity for large groups of people. It’s a unique concept that relies heavily on team Building Sugar Hill and strategic planning. You will surely be surprised by your team’s ability to come up with the most brilliant solutions to escape each room. It is an extremely entertaining activity which everyone all the participants will surely enjoy. Escape games have become increasingly popular over the past few years. It’s a great activity which will challenge your mind and allow you to think outside the box. It’s one of the ultimate activities you can enjoy to celebrate graduations, company milestones and annual team Building Sugar Hill. Escape rooms have only been established in 2006 yet they have now become a worldwide phenomenon.


It provides the participants a brand new level of fun while incorporating intellectual challenges. The game works by being locked up in one of the rooms together with the other members of your team. It will make use of both your physical and mental abilities. Your main goal is to escape the room while using your unique strategies and practicing teamwork. You will be tasked to complete sophisticated challenges inside the room which will test you and your team’s abilities. There will be a specified time limit to complete all the tasks. To be able to succeed in this game, you and the rest of your teammates must make use of the items in the room and your own wits. Imagination will also come into play during the game. Teamwork and leadership are two of the most essential aspects of escape rooms.


Paranoia Quest’s Escape Room provides you with a unique world class adventure that you can only experience while being a participant. We promise you the most immersive and challenging experience you will ever have. The attraction will take you to a whole new level of excitement. Although most people choose our attraction to promote teamwork in their companies, there are also plenty of families and groups of friends who frequently visit us. We offer our top notch services to everyone who’s interested in immersing themselves in a fun filled activity that will challenge both their body and mind. Escape Room is also a great activity for dates since you will surely be able to learn a lot things about each other after the game commences.


We are offering you the most challenging, fun and engaging activity to enjoy with your peers. This attraction is one of the most enticing activities you can participate in to spend your day off or weekend. If you’re ready to engage in this wholesome and thrilling adventure, then come visit us today. We promise you a day of fun which you will remember for the rest of your life. You will be able to sharpen your mind and think outside the box while trying to escape the room. Bring your friends, family members and colleagues and immerse yourselves in a whole new exciting world created by Paranoia Quest. This is the ultimate activity for people who want to try something unique and out of the ordinary. It will surely be a day you will never forget.