Paranoia Quest is an adventurous amusement center located in Atlanta, 72 Broad St SW, GA 30303. People usually spend 1-2 hours here playing their popular escape room Tucker games. An escape room is an exploratory game where players solve series of puzzles and guided by indications, hints, and tactics to complete the set objectives. Players have a set time limit to unveil the secret plot hidden within the rooms. We provide participants with a series of riddles and puzzles necessary for escaping within the hour. In this game, an individual is locked with one of more people in a room, and are required to complete their quest and escape the room in an hour.

About Paranoia Quest: things to do Tucker

Your success at Paranoia Quest is highly dependent on rationality and teamwork, freaking out is not an option. A classic game comprises eight people and lasts for an hour or less. The escape has puzzles, secrets, and clues that need to be cracked and solved. It is a great opportunity for families, friends, and co-workers to bond while engaging in adventurous quests. Our current rooms are the Escape Plan, where you break out of prison, The Dig, where you find ancient treasure just like Indiana Jones, and Witch Hunter. We also have several shorter Virtual Reality Adventures.

Celebrate fun birthday party with Paranoia Quest

Wondering where to celebrate your birthday with lots of fun and adventure? Are you looking forward to a party with lots of laughs and enduring memories? Paranoia Quest is the place to be. It is very popular for fun birthday party Tucker, and includes a Birthday Special to parties with more than five guests. The birthday person receives a FREE coupon. All the guests are free to participate in the escape room game. You never know, your team could set a record and be part of the honored few to take part in our Leaderboard and attain a WeEscaped status!

Fun corporate event: Get Out and Enjoy With Your Team

We tend to believe that fun and carefree days are for family and friends. Well, employees need to get out of the organization and connect too. Fun corporate event Tucker are boundless in stimulating creativity and teamwork among co-workers as they participate together in fun activities, they will recognize each other’s strengths, therefore connecting with one another positively in whatever setting they meet. Escape room game activities enable the employees to build communication, problem-solving and conflict resolution skills. They will also understand each other’s weakness, strengths, and wellbeing, thus improving team performance. You get to engage a maximum of 10 participants per game. However, you get an extra 10% discount if you book 16 or more participants. If you can’t come to our facilities, you can always call us at 678 288 6555.

Fun school field trip: Paranoia Quest Escape the Room

Paranoia Quest Escape Room is not only accessible to birthday parties and corporate events, but it is also the place for experiencing fun during fun school field trip Tucker. With Paranoia Quest escape room games, students can partake in three quests each calculated to challenge students’ thinking skills while at the same time having fun. To solve each puzzle and crack secrets, participants require a combination of critical thinking and reasoning skills.


Groups of 2 to 8 people step into a room with enhanced movie props, which bring the scenario to life. The Game Master delivers you with a set of hints necessary to solve the mission if you are to escape from the room. You will have to combine brainpower to respond to riddles correctly, open safes, and search the chamber for concealed partitions. Book and enjoy our facility for a night date, family outing or parties with friends. The activities are meant to heighten adrenaline, fun, and laughter for 60 minutes.