The rules of engagement are simple:

  1. Grab your friends, loved ones, or heck, even the strangers standing next to you.
  2. Choose the quest you’d like to experience.
  3. Prepare for the wild ride to victory.

You’ll be solving puzzles (these aren’t your average Sunday crossword puzzles folks, so bring your thinking caps), searching for caches and utilizing items in the room as well as tips and clues provided along the way. The goal? Find the keys that open the door to freedom and victory! This is by no means a test of academia (we’re not even truly sure of what that means) but you’ll definitely need to break out those 007 Bond skills. Don’t worry we won’t judge you if show up in a tux and bow tie. Just be sure to pay close attention to detail and toss a bit of logical thinking into the mix and you’ll do just fine. You’ll only have 60 minutes so, think fast!

Our quests are best suited for groups of 2 to 10 people. During active quests, guests are provided with clues and tools that will guide their party through the experience. Should your party prove truly stumped by a portion of a quest, never fear, the big guy in the sky is always watching. No, not THAT ONE silly, we mean one of our friendly game masters. Our game masters are locked away in a batcave like fortress equipped with everything they need to help you along your way. They’re always just an eerie voice over the intercom away. Signal for help and one of them will be glad to assist.

(Our guest’s health, safety and comfort is always our utmost concern. If at any time you or a member of your party should fall sick, feel unsafe or uncomfortable express exit is only a step away. All of our rooms are spacious and comfortably maintained.)